The Trends drive the Needs. The Needs drive the Technology. Too often it’s the other way around.

This is why LeadGenius teamed up with Prezi and Ambition to write The 2017 Trends & Tech Guide for B2B Sales & Marketing. A trends guide is not actionable if you neglect to consider the technology available in the market. A technology guide is incomplete without an understanding of what is driving adoption.

Each chapter in the Trends and Tech Guide explains a force in the market, identifies the needs relevant to that trend, and provides 10–15 product solutions that can be used to meet those needs.

Ideal for leaders in B2B sales, marketing, customer and technical support, operations, and data analytics, this eBook also contains valuable insights into what’s happening in various industries, what emerging technologies are rapidly gaining popularity, and how you can use innovative platforms to extend the power of your people and products.

The chapters in this eBook are one page apiece. Each explains a trend, identifies the needs driving that trend, and finally, lists the technology solutions available to meet those needs.

The 111 platforms reviewed here span every budget size, and serve a variety of job functions and seniority levels. Each technology listed includes pricing information and an original analysis of the product’s features and functionality.

  • CHAPTER 1. Managing Millennials
  • CHAPTER 2. ABM & Sales Strategies Come of Age
  • CHAPTER 3. The New CMO
  • CHAPTER 4. The Segmented Sales Force
  • CHAPTER 5. Customer Experience: A Unifying Force 
  • CHAPTER 6. Personalized Everything
  • CHAPTER 7. The Consolidated Technology Stack
  • CHAPTER 8. Data: The Currency of the Trust
  • CHAPTER 9. Machine Learning & Predictive 


Trends and Tech eBook


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  • The secret to 10X productivity is inside this book.”
    • Grant Cardone, Cardone University and GCTV
  • A great resource for leaders.
    • The Global Inside Sales Association
  • You won’t find a better round up of key, actionable information.
    • John Barrows, jbarrows LLC
  • An incredible resource.
    • James Carbary, Huffington Post


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