“By snapshotting data over and over again, you can start to figure out the tendencies of each salesperson…”

In this entry of Calls to Action, LeadGenius chats with Joe Ort, Director of Sales Operations at SiriusDecisions.

At #OpsStars, a popular Dreamforce satellite event presented by LeanData, Joe shared his thoughts on running a lean team (do we see a common theme with sales operations leaders?), preventing sandbagging by sales reps, and what the future looks like for predictive sales forecasting.

The common thread for Joe is deliberate data snapshotting at every step — from rep, to first line manager, all the way up to the head of sales. Without the right data, you don’t have a starting point for accurate forecasting.


In addition to Joe Ort, the sales operations team at SiriusDecisions has a business analyst and developer. With over 90 sales reps, this is a lean sales operations team by any measure. By Joe’s own account, a healthy sales operations headcount should be about at least 6% of the total sales team.

To get the most out of his small team, Ort utilizes automatization wherever he can and guides every sales effort with business analytics.

In order to have accurate sales forecasting, Ort points to four key data points:

  • Opportunity Amount
  • Sales Stage
  • Forecast Category
  • Close Data

Knowing this data, along with the performance of each rep, will deliver accurate revenue forecasts.

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