As we head into 2017, we look back at the most shared infographics on sales and marketing of 2016.

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1. Digital Marketing Strategy in 11 Steps – Adnan Chaudury

Total Shares: 8.5K

There is certainly no shortage of digital marketing channels. This is why it’s more important than ever to focus your efforts. This infographic by author and entrepreneur, Adnan Chaudury, shows marketers how to be smart with their channel strategy.



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2. How Offline and Online Marketing Can Work Together – Social Media Today

Total Shares: 4.1K

This infographic compares the strengths and weaknesses of offline vs. online marketing.

You just might reevaluate your spend after reading this.

marketing infographic 2

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3. Social Media, Email Marketing & Blogging: Top 9 Tactics for Finding New Customers Online – Digital Information World

Total Shares: 3.9K

From social media to email marketing and blogging, this infographic gives you a roadmap for attracting new customers online, as well as a checklist for all new campaigns.

marketing infographic 3

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4. What’s the State of Marketing in 2016? – Clickx

Total Shares: 3.9K

Search engine optimization has been around for 2 decades now, but it’s changing quickly. These statistics show where SEO and SEM is headed in 2017.

marketing infographic 4

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5. The History of Content Marketing – Content Marketing Institute

Total Shares: 2.6K

As the old saying goes, history repeats itself. And, to know where were headed, it’s helpful to know where we’ve been.

This infographic offers some valuable perspective on content marketing, as well as some inspiration for your content efforts. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a little history yourself.

marketing infographic 5

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6. Predicting Marketing’s New Frontier – Everstring

Total Shares: 3.3K

Predictive promises to be a major force in B2B marketing world.

This infographic by Everstring examines the forces shaping future  of B2B marketing. (Hint: good data will determine the difference between success and frustration.)

b2b marketing infographic 6

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7. Why Your Sales Team Should Invest More Time on Content Marketing – Social Media Today

Total Shares: 2.1K

Needless to say, we believe in the importance of quality content marketing (check out our blog!).

Most B2B decision makers now make up their minds after their own research and engaging content of one type of another. This infographic offers additional reasons why you need to invest more resources in marketing content.

b2b marketing infographic 7

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8. How to Pick the Right Social Platforms to Grow Your Sales – Social Media Today

Total Shares: 2.5K

When you create great content you to want to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. To do so, you should go where your prospects spend a good portion of their time. This usually means social media.

Here is a visual breakdown of which social platforms B2B marketers should target.

b2b marketing infographic 8

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9. The Ultimate Social Selling Routine For the Modern Sales Pro – Sales for Life

Total Shares: 1.5K

Social Selling can be a powerful strategy in getting deeper into accounts. This infographic from Sales For Life shows how to go all the way from lead to close with social selling.

b2b marketing infographic 9

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