“Automate what you can, orchestrate human interaction where you can’t.”

Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, recently joined a panel of Account Based Marketing experts, including Anand Kulkarni of LeadGenius, Andre Yee of Triblio, and Dave Rigotti of Bizible, to discuss what ABM is, and what ABM is not.

For Miller, Account Based Marketing is only the beginning.

“Every sales executive, every CEO out there, is trying to figure out how to generate more pipeline, grow faster, get more out of their customer base,” says Jon.

An account based strategy doesn’t just live inside your CRM or marketing automation software. It’s not just a targeting strategy for your ad channels or a more deliberate approach to field marketing. An account based strategy is a multi-department effort to identify, sell, and keep the right customers. It’s a team effort.



For Miller, “Account Based Everything” is a strategy to coordinate personalized marketing, sales, and success efforts to land and expand named accounts.

“What’s going to work is orchestrating marketing, sales, and sales development to work together,” says John.

“Orchestration” (rather than “automation”) is the key word. Although there are some tasks that can be totally automated, to carve the human element out of your selling process is to do yourself a disservice.

“Automate what you can, orchestrate human interaction where you can’t,” says Jon.

It can be tempting to try and automate much of the process, but without being judicious, you defeat the purpose of a highly-targeted, highly-personalized account based strategy.

“If you really want to reach out and connect with the key executives at target accounts, you need a human to reach out,” says Jon.

You cannot expect to penetrate an organization and connect with an executive through an entirely automated marketing channel, with automated messaging, and automated follow-up.

Inevitably, it must come back to the human touch.

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