Account Based Marketing or “ABM,” has been catching fire as a strategic approach to B2B marketing — and for good reason.

As the industry takes notice, there is no shortage of overlapping, and sometimes differing, definitions of “Account Based Marketing” floating through the ether.

The reason for such variation is that the benefits of Account Based Marketing extend far beyond the marketing department. ABM is a holistic approach to revenue generation. Account based tactics can be applied throughout the funnel: all the way from lead generation to sales enablement; through retention, upgrades, and advocacy.

Each department, marketing and sales tool, and industry expert has their own opinion. Products and services geared towards one particular function naturally tend to focus their definition of Account Based Marketing on their specific application of account based strategy. The B2B technology landscape is filled with tools geared towards one specific function of a fully-formed account based strategy.

As the concept of Account Based Marketing matures, its definition is up for discussion and refinement.

However, there are some fundamental and unshakable elements to Account Based Marketing you can hang your hat on:

Account Based Marketing Defined

Account Based Marketing is an approach to B2B marketing and sales where,

  • highly-personalized messaging,
  • to multiple decision makers,
  • at key accounts,
  • through multiple channels,
  • at different stages of the buying journey,
  • helps align revenue-generating departments,
  • to close qualified accounts quicker,
  • and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Even when distilled, the Account Based Marketing umbrella covers a lot.

With such a loaded term, it’s important Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and the rest of the company all pull in the same direction. Sit down with each department head and make sure everyone is on the same page when they say “Account Based Marketing.

If you do not stray from this definition, you are on the road to success.


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