The sheer volume of tools available to sales development teams today is staggering.

Every aspect of an SDR’s daily grind has been optimized by technology. Dialers have increased the speed and efficiency of their daily calls, automated voicemails have streamlined the messaging process, and email tracking has improved communication accuracy and timing. But all that technology means little if it’s not being applied to the correct strategy.

For many industry-leading companies, the strategy that’s proving most successful for the application of all that technology is account-based sales development.

By pursuing an account based approach, companies can increase response and close rates with fewer leads and activities. Companies that implement account-based strategies also see a 60 percent increase in their lead conversion. 60 percent! A company with a targeted account list, the right data within those accounts, and a repeatable process is a virtually unstoppable revenue generating machine.

So how do you get started?

According to Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO and sales development expert, 72% of client outbound teams currently have account-based programs in place, but only half of that group is fully implemented. Why? Because it takes time and the right framework to successfully implement an ABSD strategy. You need the organizational buy-in and the right tools, like LeadGenius, to run a standardized repeatable process.

It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Want to learn about the other three elements of a great ABSD strategy? Check out the infographic below!


account based sales development strategy infographic


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