The Key to Validating Leads Is Brand Consistency

This isn’t just a content strategy or a play at “thought leadership,” it’s also how we passively validate leads. Keeping one general principle front and center at every point of interaction helps small sales and marketing teams reinforce the appeal of their core product and find the leads that will have the most payoff.

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5 Factors for Successful Sales Follow Ups

There is a lot great of information out there on how to send a good initial cold email, but the truth is there’s a good chance your prospect won’t reply. If you’re like most B2B sales reps, you’re averaging reply rate hovers around a 12%. If you’re really good, you’re north of 15%. However, nearly half of all salespeople give up after one attempt, according to Scripted. It’s easy to think, “If I just gave my best effort with a great 1st email, then what are the chances a prospect will reply to any subsequent emails? I should just move on to the next lead.” It’s logical to think this, however, it’s dead wrong.

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5 Signs Your Outbound Marketing Is In Trouble

How do you know when your outbound marketing efforts are missing the mark? Missed sales targets, low conversion numbers, lack of solid leads? Sure—those are all clear signs that something isn’t connecting with your target audience. But if you look a bit deeper, you will find more telling signs that may reveal problems you can troubleshoot before they get all the way down the pipeline and translate into lower-than-expected revenue.

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8 Outbound Email FAQs: Basics and Best Practices

You’ve been in sales or marketing for years. You’ve been writing effective emails your whole career. You’ve got the concept of outbound down pat, but basic questions keep popping up. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions LeadGenius’ Customer Success Managers are asked when a new client is setting up an outbound email campaign.

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How To Scale Outbound Sales – LAUNCH Scale [Slides]

Inbound and content marketing takes between 6-9 months to see positive movement. Most companies don't have that type of runway. When done right, outbound sales are immediate, predictable, consistent. In this presentation from the @LAUNCH Scale Conference, Prayag Narula, CEO of @LeadGenius, discusses a scalable formula for targeted outbound sales.

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The Sorrow Of Pipeline Data Decay

It can be a bitter pill to swallow. Most B2B marketing and sales professionals are emotionally devastated to learn that as many as half the contacts in their CRM or marketing automation database are out of date. The death of once accurate, high-quality leads can be difficult to come to terms with. Here are the cold, hard facts...

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Free Tool For Estimating B2B Database Decay

This week, LeadGenius launched a free B2B Database Decay Calculator. Customer data decay is the natural and consistent degradation of company information (firmographic data), personal details (demographic data), and most importantly, accurate contact information (phone numbers and email addresses). Sales and marketing databases decay for a variety of reasons including hires, separations, promotions, company restructuring, growth, mergers, and downsizing. Sales and marketing teams depend on accurate customer data for automation and efficiency. Inaccurate customer data results in poor targeting, increased manual touches by reps, and wasted opportunities.

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Prospecting On The Playa: 19 Tips To Network & Generate Leads At Burning Man

Now called “the next frontier of marketing”, the lead generation potential of Burning Man cannot be overestimated or ignored. Every company worth its sand has already been planning their Burn-based sales and marketing strategy for months, but nonetheless, here are a few last minute tips to maximize your lead generation effectiveness in Black Rock City.

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9 Use Cases For Inbound Lead Enrichment

A study of 61 million customer records by NetProspex reveals that 84% of marketing databases are barely functional. 88% of those same customer records lack basic data such as industry, revenue and employee fields. Inbound form fields never tell the whole story. In order to maximize the value of costly marketing automation software, marketers need to actively enrich customer records for key data not captured through web forms. Inbound lead enrichment is one way companies can ensure that their marketing automation machinery works efficiently from inbound to close.

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Outbound Sales At Scale [Slides]

LeadGenius Chief Scientist, Anand Kukarni, speaks at the Senator Club in San Francisco about "Outbound Sales at Scale." LeadGenius builds lead generation programs for everyone from the world's fastest growing startups to the Fortune 500. In this presentation, Anand discusses what’s working and what’s not with outbound sales models industry-wide.

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