Account Based Strategy (Or Bust) For HR Lead Generation

HR Professionals get mobbed by salespeople like zombies swarm the living in B-movie horror flicks. Our HR Manager counted 87 marketing and sales emails last week. Effectively selling into HR requires clear organizational visibility for targeting decision making panels (not just individuals) and audience segmentation for more relevant messaging. Here's how your lead generation strategy targeting HR should be structured...

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11 Custom Data Points Powering Successful Solar Lead Generation

Solar is a noisy industry. New players enter the space every day and pepper consumers with the latest and greatest offers. To cut through the ever-increasing marketing cacophony, selling solar hardware has to be highly-targeted, personalized, and scalable. Here are 11 key data points you can use to power your next outbound B2B solar campaign.

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Top Strategies For B2B Lead Generation: Getting Started With Content Marketing

Out of all of the B2B lead generation strategies floating around, one strategy continues to rise to the surface – content marketing. An overwhelming number of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads (93%, according to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute). And that number continues to grow year over year. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the content marketing advice out there? Still not sure how to use it to generate sales?

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Sales Hacking B2B Lead Generation [Transcript & Video]

Sales is undergoing a transformation. One could call it the acceleration or automation era. This change is characterized by an explosion of data and technology. Data can be the high-octane fuel that powers your sales machine or it can be the sand that grinds everything to a halt. If you know how to automate, it’s a good time to be in sales. In this 50-minute webinar, CEO of Sales Hacker and author of Hacking Sales, Max Altschuler, and Anand Kulkarni, Chief Scientist at LeadGenius, discuss how technology demands that salespeople act more like data scientists, especially at the top of the funnel.

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Mid-Market vs. Local Sales | Q&A with David Greenberger, Director of Merchant Sales, Foursquare

David Greenberger is the Director of Merchant Sales at Foursquare. He has experience building and scaling high intensity SMB sales teams in the local, ad-tech space for companies such Yext and Felix. Q: How does the sales process for Mid-Market Sales at Foursquare differ from Local Sales? [David] At Foursquare our Merchant sales team is made up of a Local and Mid-Market team. We define Local sales as 1-50 physical location merchants with the focus on unique “mom+pop” restaurants, bars and retail stores. Our Mid-Market team covers the larger end Merchants, the Applebees, Finish Line, Louis Vuitton’s of the world...

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8 Ways to Lower Your Email Bounce Rate

A high email bounce rate can be a vicious cycle in the sense that domains with a reputation for sending emails with high bounce rates are more likely to be blocked. Return Path reports that 83% of the time an email is not delivered to an inbox, it is due to a poor sender reputation. If your email bounce rate is over 2%, review these tips for email deliverability and adjust accordingly. These guidelines will help keep more of your marketing and sales messages in the inbox, where you need them to be.

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