Chris Flores is the Manager of Inside Sales for Namely, a leading end-to-end HR and payroll platform for growing companies Chris has helped build Namely’s sales organization by hiring, coaching, overseeing their inside sales team. Follow Chris on Twitter.

In what ways has Namely been successful at driving sustainable growth?

We’ve been successful at driving sustainable growth in a few areas:

  • SaaS and Inside Sales have dramatically lowered the cost of delivering an end-to-end HR solution.
  • We deliver and understand the power of user experience, because people want beautiful, easy to use HR software.
  • Mid-sized companies with lean HR departments need a simple, all in one solution for managing people and payroll. They are the fastest growing part of the US Economy.
  • Open source technology and API’s have changed the game for HR systems. Our open API allows us stay flexible and integrate with external applications.

How can sales teams go beyond BANT to qualify deals?

BANT should be the basis of lead qualification for sales teams. Reps need to further discover pain points and become solution mappers to go beyond it. Leveraging sales acceleration tools, social selling methods (sharing content to engage prospects), and a specialized SaaS model (MDRs, SDRs, AEs) can help sales teams master lead qualification.

How is analytics playing an increased role in sales?

Analytics helps salespeople embrace technology to perform faster and sell more effectively. With the right amount of metrics, conversation rates, and technology, reps can focus on the science of sales, not only the art. People are changing the way they buy things every day. It’s harder to reach prospects and traditional sales techniques are not working like they used to. Analytics helps sales teams create predictable processes and make smarter decisions leading into closing more business.

What are “Cascading Goals” and how do you implement them?

As your company grows, communicating and aligning business objectives is very important. With cascading goals you can effectively set and tie individual employee goals to that of their team and overall company strategy, raising both employee and company performance. Each employee should set at least 3 goals on a quarterly basis and have them tied to higher-level goals. This gives them that much needed sense of meaningful work and helps them visualize their progress. We eat our own dog food and use Namely’s Performance Management System to track this.

How do you scale a sales team while avoiding organizational traffic jams?

Scaling any team is tough. Knowing your culture profile, fiercely defending it, and onboarding your salespeople effectively will help you avoid organizational traffic jams. After you implement and execute a well-oiled recruiting and onboarding process, everything else will fall in place. Your process will become repeatable as you bring in and train successful people.

Who should be responsible for creating and updating your cloud-based library of sales resources?

Everyone should be responsible for creating and updating your sales library. Frontline sales managers should maintain it and give access to those who need it, however allowing reps to add call scripts, best practice articles, and competitor reviews promotes a team learning experience.

How can SDRs prospect more efficiently? How do you prevent SDRs and sales people from drowning in data?

SDRs can prospect more efficiently by leveraging the right tools and having a clear understanding of buyer profiles. When equipped with the right tech, SDRs can find accurate contact information, build lists quickly, set up qualified demos, and repeat this process. Through weekly one on ones and SDR team huddles, I’m able to use data to coach my team on what will make them better. This allows me to organize all relevant data and let them focus on what they do best, prospecting.

What 3 books would your recommend a new SDR read and why?

If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly by William J. Bernstein
Very easy read, yet packed with tons of information on long term investing. It’s important for young reps to make smart financial decisions alongside learning the art and science of sales. One of my top goals as a sales leader is to make reps rich ☺

25 Toughest Sales Objections-and How to Overcome Them by Stephan Schiffman
SDRs will be handling objections every day on the job. This book will help reps combat the toughest sales objections and in turn become problem solvers.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande
This book is a call-to-action for generating better results through the use of checklists. It will teach you to create a more disciplined approach in your day to day responsibilities.

What do you view as the most important, or telling, metric for sales growth?

I think the most important metric for sales growth is Annual Contract Value (ACV). In the short run, this metric will make it easy for you to see which sales reps are working on deals that are good fits versus those that are too big or too small. In the long run, average deal size can help you track when your reps are ready to move up market. These changes will help your sales team know whether or not to adjust their pipelines.

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