From 0% to 40% Outbound within 6 months

About AffinityLive

AffinityLive is a cloud-based, all-in-one professional services automation (PSA) solution that combines CRM with ticketing, project management and retainers and allows businesses to create a seamless business process. With an integrated platform specifically designed to help businesses connect all their moving parts, AffinityLive offers the most comprehensive PSA solution in the marketplace.

Maximizing The Investment In High-Quality Content With Targeted Leads

AffinityLive’s platform offers the best value in the marketplace because it combines multiple features such as customer relationship management, price matching, project management, and billing, all in one package. However, this product strength also means that AffinityLive must simultaneously compete for attention and build value in separate, heavily-saturated tech verticals.

Like any new technology-driven product, customers need to go through a long and well thought-out nurture process. AffinityLive’s solution is high-quality educational content.

In order get more of their content in the hands of the right people at the right time—and bridge the gap between marketing and sales—AffinityLive came to LeadGenius to kickstart a new outreach email program.

Since AffinityLive started using LeadGenius, they have been able to focus on releasing content-driven outreach emails to build brand awareness to dozens of audience segments. Meanwhile, LeadGenius focuses on ensuring that AffinityLive reaches the right audience. With this approach, AffinityLive is able to easily analyze email interactions by not only identifying users who are ready for a direct engagement with sales, but also helping inform subsequent marketing efforts.

When AffinityLive began with LeadGenius, 0% of their pipeline was outbound. In just four months with LeadGenius, the split grew to 60% inbound, 40% outbound.