Prospecting Automation to Explode Sales Efficiency & Closed-Won Opportunities

Learn how LeadGenius helped SAP EMEA North and EMEA South completely automate their outbound prospecting and achieve a 9X ROI.


  • Outdated contact information forced salespeople to conduct their own prospect research (“profiling”)
  • Existing prospecting tools lacked the coverage and quality required in EMEA
  • Manual prospect research meant salespeople were spending 70% of their time researching instead of selling, thus killing pipeline production and quota attainment


  • Leveraging DataHub and Flow, SAP was able to completely automate prospect researching
  • Every week, 1,000 target accounts are fully enriched with 3,000 priority contacts and delivered directly into CRM 


  • Salespeople went from spending 70% of their time researching, to 70% of their time selling
  • Compared to the prior year, SAP saw a 150% increase in closed-won opportunities, a 141% increase in average deal size and a 9X return in signed contracts on their LeadGenius investment