A Customized Email Outreach Solution

About Qzzr

Qzzr is used by marketers and publishers to create fun, viral quizzes and share them on social media. These quizzes can be used to drive social traffic, capture qualified leads, or present targeted offers.

Large brands such as ESPN, Yahoo!, NBC, and Capital One have caught on and are creating their own interactive tools on the Qzzr platform. In just a few months Qzzr has seen massive traction with over 80,000 quizzes created, which have been taken over 40 million times.

Human Touch Makes All The Difference In Consistent Outbound Lead Generation

Qzzr maintains a healthy balance of inbound and outbound lead generation. The inbound leads are lighter lifting. After all, the folks at Qzzr are experts at inbound. Their product is a highly-effective inbound lead capture solution used by some of the biggest brands in the world. But even as inbound lead volume continues to increase, outbound lead generation remains an essential part of their sales mix. The reason is pipeline consistency.

Early on, Qzzr’s in-house sales reps went hunting for leads. Highly targeted outbound email campaigns provided them with a steady pipeline to work for coming months. Eventually, Qzzr’s inbound lead volume increased to the point where reps had to jettison lead research and email campaign maintenance to accommodate all the new demos coming in. This is a good problem to have. But, with aggressive growth goals and an eye for acquiring market share quickly, Qzzr needed a way to maintain their high quality outbound lead generation and email outreach.

LeadGenius now manages all outbound lead generation for Qzzr.

Ideal customers in different verticals are segmented by data points such as domain authority and company Facebook page engagement. Then, accurate email and LinkedIn information for decision makers is identified. The simple human touch of LeadGenius data researchers tagging a particular lead as either a ‘brand’ or a ‘publisher’—a subjective evaluation important to Qzzr’s service offerings—allows for customized email messaging.

As Qzzr identifies new selling opportunities and learns new insights about their customers, LeadGenius continually refines Qzzr’s custom lead generation process to keep their pipeline full and the deals rolling in.