“If you want to do effective ABM, you have to combine outbound with inbound.”

Andre Yee of Triblio recently joined a panel of Account Based marketing experts, including Jon Miller of Engagio, Anand Kulkarni of LeadGenius, and Dave Rigotti of Bizible, to discuss how to get started with Account Based Marketing, using B2B website personalization and combining inbound with outbound for a successful account based strategy.

Making the move to an account based strategy does not have to be a blind leap of faith.

“One common misconception about ABM is that it doesn’t apply to your traditional demand gen funnel — that it’s something new and must be launched separately,” says Andre. “I don’t think that true. One easy starting point for ABM is to apply ABM tactics to your existing demand gen funnel to get results.”

Yee notes that effective ABM combines outbound with inbound.



The idea of cross-channel targeting has always been a bit aspirational but is becoming more and more accessible with new technology. This is why Andre founded Triblio with two big ideas in mind:

  1. B2B websites are underutilized as a targeting channel.
  2. The Future of B2B marketing is around an account-based model.

“What we wanted to do at Triblio was to make

[B2B website personalization] as easy as personalizing your email,” says Andre.

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By making it as close to plug-and-play as possible, marketers are now able to strengthen a major component in their account based technology stack: the company website.

“The reality is that when buyers want to select vendors, somewhere around 83% of the time they look to the vendor’s website as the primary place to get information. This will guide the buying decision,” says Andre. Without a strong company website, “the buyer’s journey is at least impaired if not broken.”

Andre also notes that both inbound and outbound account based tactics must be rooted with high-quality prospect data. Lead-quality matters when it comes to ABM. In a traditional demand gen funnel, leads volume is they key. With ABM, is more about who than how many.

“In the account based model, you still want leads but you want them for the specific accounts you want to target,” says Andre.

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