The next time you sign into your LeadGenius account, you’ll notice a new tab called “Insights.”

This new feature will provide analytics about the number of key accounts and contacts LeadGenius finds that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP). But even more valuable, LeadGenius’ new Insights dashboard gives you a better way to view the firmographic criteria of your key accounts and where hidden opportunities might lie.


Key Account and Contact Analytics

The first thing we added in the Insights section is an easy-to-digest overview of the new accounts and contacts.

This view displays the most recently updated and quality-assured accounts and contacts LeadGenius has found that match your ICP. Organizing these entries by date gives you a picture of the overall progress towards building a comprehensive target account list. If you are testing out new markets or targeting multiple ICPs, you can view the progress of each individual account list, vertical, or industry.

leadgenius insights overview

Customers that have connected Salesforce with LeadGenius can get additional information about the estimated opportunity value of the contacts and accounts we’re finding on your behalf.

What’s more, if you’re currently using LeadGenius’ outreach tool to connect with contacts on your account list, you can get a bird’s-eye view of how those campaigns are performing, including top performing templates, sequences, response rates, and more. You can drill down into all your outreach analytics by visiting the Outreach tab.


Audit Your CRM Data and View Data Completeness

The new feature that we’re most excited about is our new data audit tool.

It’s an easy way for customers to understand how much account coverage (or lack of account coverage) they have in their CRM based on some key firmographic criteria.  Instead of trying to merge together multiple spreadsheets, you can interact with the tool to explore your account coverage based on industry, number of employees at the account, or the location.

leadgenius insights data audit

In addition, LeadGenius will take a look at the account and contact fields that are most incomplete from all of your data sources, including Salesforce.

Finally, LeadGenius can analyze the accuracy of the email addresses in Salesforce to give you a picture of email deliverability and overall contact health.

leadgenius insights top incomplete data

Note that to take advantage of the data audit tool, you’ll need to connect Salesforce to LeadGenius. LeadGenius data works with any CRM or marketing automation system, and we will be adding direct integrations with audit capabilities to additional platforms soon.


Quality Assured Data by LeadGenius

You might notice that there’s a seal icon next to some of the data records in the Data tab.

leadgenius insights seal icon

This new seal icon indicated data that is verified by LeadGenius researchers. The date of the verification is also listed, making it simple to see at-a-glance which records are stamped with our quality seal-of-approval.

And as always, we’d love to hear feedback about what you think of these new features.


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