B2B organizations can be a maze for marketing and sales teams.

Knowing the organizational structure of your target accounts, then understanding how those companies make buying decisions, is a key component of any Account Based Marketing strategy.

However, this knowledge is only actionable if it exists as structured, accessible data in your marketing automation software or CRM.

In this whiteboard video, J. Ryan Williams, VP of Sales at LeadGenius, describes how to fit an often messy B2B org chart into a decision making panel that cleanly maps to contacts and accounts in your database.



There is no one-size-fits-all decision-making rubric that applies to every B2B company. The number of people and their level of seniority involved with a given purchase depends on industry, market tier, cost, and the attributes of the product.

Building a decision making panel requires in-depth knowledge of both your target accounts and total addressable market. Chances are your target accounts will share similarities in their buying processes. If you don’t have a clear idea of your target accounts’ buying process, start with your best customers. Mapping decision-makers, budget holders, influencers, etc. to a decision making panel will help you connect with the right individuals, at the right time during the B2B buying process.


org chart mapped to decision making panel


Start by laying out the key decision making roles that are common to your target accounts.

When figuring out who you should be talking to at your target accounts, it’s important to know what ICP traits you are looking for. This should include data points such as company size, industry, vertical, job titles and seniority

Basic demographic and firmographic data is a good start, but you’ll need to add custom data in order to personalize communications and target at scale. Custom data, such as technologies used and known advertising spend, is where things start to get interesting. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to whittle away the clutter in your org chart and have a more focused view into your accounts.

Identify the people in the positions who have influence over purchasing decisions. Plug them into the decision making panel. Execute your strategy.

Rinse and repeat.

LeadGenius enables marketing and sales teams identify accurate contact information for multiple decision makers at key accounts. Request A LeadGenius Demo Today.