• Triggered data collection & validation on both hand-raising signals and data updates.

  • Flexibly act on your signal generating solutions or those of LeadGenius and it’s partners.

  • Automate rapid persona coverage within accounts to influence decisions early in the buying cycle.

B2B sales cycles are getting longer…more elusive decision makers, employee migration, and numerous data challenges. To avoid false positives, intent signals from third-party content categories must be strengthened with direct engagement and data signals.

When signals are strong enough to justify an action, data must be quickly curated and accurate.  Progressive companies define custom signal thresholds that trigger LeadGenius curation workflows and human data validation.  With flexible and automatically deployed signal-based data curation.


  • Quickly gain account coverage

  • Realize significant ABM results – faster

  • See better utilization of the unified martech stack


  • Boost connection rates with accurate and timely data

  • Accelerate sales cycles with quicker account coverage and better insights

  • Avoid spending time on leads not ready to be engaged

Interested in custom building a signal-based data strategy as a competitive advantage? 

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