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“As personal data and company data both simple and complex has become ever available online, salespeople were given an opportunity to dig deeply into a potential customer’s industry, company history and personal history to understand their needs better.

However, for many companies this became a huge time-sink. Research is time-consuming, as is the basic data entry into Salesforce and other platforms; yet another problem with the masses of available data. This is why Anand Kulkarni pivoted his crowdsourced data-research company Mobileworks to become LeadGenius. The company, based in Berkeley, California, takes their best “mobileworkers” and helps salespeople become effective data scientists by spreading their lead research across hundreds of talented, highly-trained researchers across the world, taking care of both finding the right people to sell to and the work of cleansing and enriching the data surrounding them. Once they have the “leads” that leadgeniuses provide them, they can make sales based on the knowledge that they’re approaching the right person with the right product.

“Salespeople have always been data scientists, but they haven’t always had the data required to understand intent the way they should,” said Kulkarni, co-founder and “Chief Scientist” at LeadGenius. “Great salespeople focus on understanding a customer’s pain, establishing a relationship and connecting with them. Precise data allows a salesperson to understand a customer on an incredibly detailed level before establishing a relationship, ensuring that we’re providing someone with exactly what they want exactly when they need it….””

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