LeadGenius is proud to announce its support of the Good Work Code.

Today at the O’Reilly Media Next:Economy summit, the National Domestic Workers Alliance named LeadGenius as one of the first 12 supporting companies innovating new technology and operationalizing business practices that are setting the standard for good work in the booming online economy.

“Silicon Valley leaders and employers want to do the right thing, sometimes it’s just not clear how exactly to do that,” says Palak Shah, Social Innovations Director at NDWA. Through the Good Work Code, the NDWA has identified companies actively leading the way by successfully connecting people to work online.

“The rapid growth of LeadGenius is proof that companies do not have to compromise growth, profitability, and industry-leading products for good work values.” – Anand Kulkarni, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, LeadGenius

The Good Work Code has gained a swell of attention from leaders in technology and government alike. President Barack Obama recently moderated a panel discussing the Good Work Code, stressing the need for creative partnerships with companies leading the way in online work. “This is the beginning of a conversation I want to push for the next 15 months, through the end of my presidency,” says Obama. Many other 2016 US presidential candidates are paying attention as well.

As the future of work shifts online, enabled by technology, the Good Work Code vision serves as a roadmap for all companies that connect people to work online — marketplaces, platforms, hybrids, and dispatch models. The NDWA’s current objective is to partner with tech companies who can offer leadership to other companies integrating online work into their business models.

“We believe our research community is one of LeadGenius’ greatest strengths. Our company’s success and the high quality of our technology products are directly connected to the individual success of our researchers. The Good Work Code is aligned with our own mission and in my mind, every online community needs to be on board and committed to the well being of their whole team.“ – Prayag Narula, CEO, LeadGenius

Learn more about the Good Work Code here.