The Highest Quality Contact and Account Data

“As a marketer, LeadGenius is really appealing to me because I can ensure consistency across my ideal customer profile. That’s absolutely paramount when it comes to executing an account-based strategy.” — Steve Mayernick, Head of Marketing at Guru

In this video case study, Guru’s Head of Marketing, Steve Mayernick, and VP of Sales, JJ Ferroni, discuss how LeadGenius’ reliable delivery of targeted contacts, including hard to find Slack users, has played a key role in Guru’s growth.

Guru is a knowledge sharing solution built to provide sales and support teams with the information they need, when they need it, without leaving their workflow. Instead of a traditional knowledge base, Guru makes it easy for an individual to access all of the shared knowledge of their organization directly from the platform where they spend most of their time. For many organizations, this central platform is slack.

After searching the market, and honing their growth strategy, Guru found that technology solutions alone were not enough to support their account based marketing strategy. Too many nuanced variables go into reaching out to the right prospect with the right message in an account based strategy. Guru, ultimately decided that they needed both a human and technology component identify qualified prospects.

“Being able to use LG to identify key technologies that we work with like Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Zendesk and Slack, and being able to build targeted lists off of those technologies is absolutely critical,” says Steve Mayernick, Head of Marketing at Guru.


Guru’s ideal customers are fast-growing technology companies with rapidly evolving products. Each time those products are updated, knowledge needs to be disseminated to the entire organization. If an organization uses Slack, that is a great indication that they will get value from Guru and their easy Slack integration.

“Success for us is pretty simple: make sure that we’re building targeted lists off our ideal customer profile and that the data we’re getting is clean and accurate,” says Steve.

Finding both accounts, and champions within those accounts, can be challenging. Knowledge sharing is owned by different roles at different organizations — often by multiple individuals in different departments. This type of specialized account research is essential for effective prospecting with a tool such a Guru. LeadGenius’ researchers review and quality-assure every record before relaying it to Guru to make their sales process smoother and quicker.

“The relationship with LeadGenus has been great. They have been incredibly supportive in making sure that we have an understanding of all the resources and capabilities that they can bring to us,” says JJ Ferroni, VP of Sales at Guru.


When targeting rapidly scaling companies, the market can shift quickly. LeadGenius provides Guru the flexibility to adapt the changing shape of their target audience and feed insights from the sales and marketing teams back to LeadGenius and continually generate the highest-quality leads.

“LeadGenius has weekly calls with our team to ensure that if we’re exhausting a specific audience, were collaborating to come up with an updated set of data points. They’ve been very supportive. We view them as an augmentation of our team.”