How To Scale Outbound Sales – LAUNCH Scale [Slides]

Inbound and content marketing takes between 6-9 months to see positive movement. Most companies don't have that type of runway. When done right, outbound sales are immediate, predictable, consistent. In this presentation from the @LAUNCH Scale Conference, Prayag Narula, CEO of @LeadGenius, discusses a scalable formula for targeted outbound sales.

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SIGNIFYD Raises Another Round of Funding

Congratulations to Signifyd on their most recent round of funding led by Allegis Capital, IA Ventures, Lucas Venture Group, QED Investors, and Tekton Venture, Finovate. Signifyd is an e-commerce anti-fraud - or, "fraudsurance" - platform that automates the process of verifying shopper identity for online merchants.

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Quality Beats Quantity When it Comes to Lead Generation | Entrepreneur

Supercharge sales with higher quality leads. "The quality of your customer data affects every subsequent step in your buyer funnel. It’s about more than just accuracy. Low quality leads waste your team’s time on research, data entry and chasing dead ends. High quality leads facilitate better reporting, automation and segmentation. LeadGenius is a solution that helps you consistently identify your best possible buyers and add high value data points to your existing customer records."

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