Website Visitor ID

Imagine getting a steady feed of 3-8 key titles at targeted firms checking out your website.

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  • B2B buyers have typically completed 65-70% of their purchase decision before contacting sales or submitting a form.

  • Typically, only 3% of website visitors fill out a form.

  • If anonymous buyers are on your website, they’re on your competitor’s website as well.

  • By revealing your best website visitors and getting a consistent feed of key titles, you can reach out and shape awareness before the competition.

  • Companies visiting your website are much more responsive to your outbound messages.

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  • A steady stream of 3-8 key contacts at your filtered firms – no duplicates will be added to your CRM.
  • Human verified name, title, address, email, phone, domain and pages visited.
  • Any additional data you need validated and appended by over 400 LeadGenius researchers.

LeadGenius Website Visitor ID FAQs:

What if my marketing automation tracks website visitors?

Most systems track known or cookied visitors who can clear their cookies.  You already have those records in your CRM. You may also have an additional solution that tracks anonymous visitors – but sifting through the 70-95% of your website visitors that aren’t in your sweet spot is not feasible.

Why not have my sales team look at a feed of website visitors and then see if they can find contacts using a bulk data source?

Ask your sales team how motivated they are to jump through these hoops for website visitors who have not yet filled out a form.  Even if they are, is this the best use of their time? Plus, after validating the data using a bulk data provider, you still do not have reliable, personalized data to reach out with confidence.

When does it make sense to leverage this capability?

Most LeadGenius Website Visitor ID clients filter their best website visitors down to roughly 5-10% of their monthly visitors.   The solution has a monthly delivery minimum of 1,000 leads so your website should be getting at least 20,000 unique visitors per month.

How many unique visitors are visiting my website each month?

You or your LeadGenius account executive can look that up via SimilarWeb.

How are you able to provide net new records that are not already in my CRM? *

LeadGenius can only provide this when your CRM is connected.  If you use another CRM solution, LeadGenius cannot de-dupe unless you provide a list of contacts in advance.

How much does LeadGenius Website Visitor ID cost?
After your filters and any custom data needs are applied, the cost is tailored to an estimated number of records delivered each week for the term of the contract.  Your account exec will provide you with an estimate based on 5-10% of your website visitors.