Data Coverage in EMEA, LATAM, APAC, and ANZ

  • Researchers in 40+ countries, speaking 25+ languages

  • Language-tailored technology to source and verify contact data

  • Data sourcing via mutually agreed on privacy compliance guidelines

Global expansion is challenging, but sourcing the right data can be easy. 

LeadGenius’ international datasets, language tailored UI, global researchers, and years of experience help Global 2000 companies confidently and quickly expand into new markets.

As the leaders in sourcing global data, LeadGenius applies best practices and a consultative approach to revealing your international ICP, TAM analysis, data sourcing, compliance, and validation.

Unlike US-centric sources that are periodically refreshed, LeadGenius data is sourced and validated on-demand to provide your teams with pristine, actionable data.  LeadGenius partners with you to implement a country-specific data strategy to:

  • Ensure a scalable ROI-justified strategy tailored to your objectives. 
  • Go beyond firmographics and technographics for deep customer segmentation.
  • Source the hard-to-find data points that reveal your best opportunities.
  • Plug data gaps at scale with ongoing data management.

See how global companies leverage LeadGenius to rapidly scale into foreign countries.