A sales team of 2100+ SDRs, AEs, and account reps. Another 210 in sales operations.

Leading a “coalition of the willing” is tough enough when your organization is not in a time of fundamental transformation. But that’s exactly what Julie Sokley faces as the VP of Global Sales Operations at Autodesk.

As Autodesk transitions to the cloud and a more subscription-based model, the sales operations hurdles Julie must overcome include winning hearts and minds in a time of rapid change, restructuring compensation plans, software integrations, and implementing social selling — just to name a few.


At a recent San Francisco Sales Ops Meetup panel including Tina Babbi of Adaptive Insights and Don Otvos of Datahug, Julie sat down with LeadGenius to share her experiences as a sales operations leader.

“We’ve traditionally sold to one or two sellers in an account and now we’re really trying to go deeper,” says Julie.  “We think that’s how we’ll sell more subscribers. Social selling will enable us to do that.”

Of course, as Tina Babbi also knows, getting people to change habits — especially ones that have been successful in the past — is no easy task.

“You have to change the way salespeople think about their comp plan and really get the channel onboard with the whole program,” says Julie. “It’s a very big change for them as well.”

Are the growing pains worth it? Absolutely, says Julie.

“Our teams are really excited about [social selling] because in many cases, that gives them a warm entry into an account and a particular contact they didn’t have before.”

To get the job done, Julie stresses the importance of sales methodology: “It’s not rocket science, but if you put it in right, your company will be successful.”

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