Quality leads support more than just sales – if you know how to use them.

“The biggest benefit of using LeadGenius was using the services during our soft launch. We were able to connect with our target audience, under the radar and find out what worked and what didn’t.” Daniel Roopnarine, Director, WebPowerUp


At LeadGenius, we execute custom lead generation and data enrichment campaigns for our clients. Lead generation is typically used as an early step in the sales development cycle, but actually, sales is only one of many goals that can be actualized with quality customer data.

Sometimes, product development is the priority.

The Challenge

WebPowerUp identified a need in the marketplace and set about building a superior product. However, without enough feedback from their target audience, it was difficult to know when they had achieved sufficient product market fit.

To get live feedback, WebPowerUp decided on a soft launch. Soft launches often use paid online marketing to attract an audience. This can get quite expensive if you are still trying to zero in on your ideal audience.

Getting enough of the right customer to the soft launch without breaking the bank was the challenge. So, WebPowerUp came to LeadGenius.

The Results

LeadGenius helped WebPowerUp save tens of thousands of dollars by providing a direct channel to their most valuable customers for an email marketing campaign. This soft launch strategy, in turn, saved WebPowerUp countless more dollars by preventing them from launching before achieving necessary product-market fit.

In Their Own Words

Q: What makes WebPowerUp such a unique all-in-one service for growing businesses?

[Daniel Roopnarine] “There really is no other platform that gives a business owner all the same tools we do, to help grow and run a business online. We’ve assembled from the ground up all the components to work seamlessly together, so our clients don’t have to figure out what they need to be successful. We provide in an easy to use format; Content Management, Memberships, Appointment Scheduling, Invoicing, Video Conferencing, Webinars, and more. We even provide a built in Mobile App so clients can really take advantage of mobile marketing. We not only give our customers the tools, we also share strategies and tips on how to use them most effectively. All for an affordable monthly fee.”

What was the biggest obstacle you had to consider when deciding to use LeadGenius?

The biggest obstacle really was where we should invest our marketing money. Should we invest in SEO/Digital Marketing? Should we hire someone in-house? When it was all said and done, we decided that finding targeted leads was at the end of the day what marketing is all about. LeadGenius was the most efficient way to get the data we needed.

What were you doing before using LeadGenius and how have we helped your team become more efficient?

Our growth model was based on working with Associations and SEO. LeadGenius took a lot of work out of digital marketing. We were able to directly to the audience that would be most receptive to our services.

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