“Here’s why LeadGenius is a force to be reckoned with in the UAaaS field”
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“In the business world, one of, if not the, most time consuming things is taking the time needed to find quality leads; leads meaning potential customers that would be a great fit for your service or product. However if you are spending 90% of your time generating leads, you are wasting valuable time that could be used to actually secure those customers. That’s where LeadGenius comes in. Their services allow you to focus on what is important, phone calls and in-person interactions with the same customers that you have previously spent most of your time looking for. Using a combination of crawlers and real human beings, LeadGenius curates those leads for you. Don’t take my word for it, however, who better to explain LeadGenius than co-founder Anand Kulkarni? Continue reading below for our interview!”


Would you like to introduce yourself, and your role at LeadGenius?

I’m Anand Kulkarni. I’m the cofounder of LeadGenius. We were originally founded as a Y Combinator-backed social enterprise called MobileWorks. Our goal was to connect individuals in poverty with reliable streams of work online. The overwhelming use case customers wanted was intelligent lead generation, leading to LeadGenius. We continue to work with our legacy MobileWorks customers, making sure they get a good service and we keep the jobs in the hands of said individuals we’re employing, and then use the best of the best to work with LeadGenius.


Care to explain, in your words, what LeadGenius is?

LeadGenius lets companies find great new customers. We discover targeted leads and enrich existing databases of leads at scale. We scour the web using a combination of technology and people to identify the full set of customers that will be a good fit for your customer base. The key is that we have a smart, distributed workforce that is able to take a lead and find out if it’s a really great potential customer and a good fit for you, your product and your salesteam so that they don’t waste their time with a bad target. We even populate your databases (like Salesforce) to make sure that you spend more of your time actually selling things than doing data-entry. A big part of what we do is discovering the incredibly intelligent and diverse workforce and training them to do the lead generation that fuels business. Like high-grade gas in a car.


Can you elaborate on what User Acquisition as a Service (UAaaS) means?

UAaaS is a way for companies to automate the process of new lead identification and prospecting. In the past, this process required manual work by a salesperson: figuring out which new customers were worth contacting, determining what to say to them, and prospecting out to them. UAaaS is about moving this process to the cloud and automating it. Using LeadGenius, you can determine the types of new customers you’re looking to acquire, identify when clients emerge that meet that profile, and automatically market and prospect to them. We’re selling people the time back that they would use doing so and taking away the anxiety that it will be done by a poorly-trained and organized external workforce. It’s easy to say that, of course, but the proof is in that companies like Signifyd and Stripe use us to generate their leads.


Who can benefit from the use of LeadGenius?

We work with the heads of sales and marketing at midsize companies to expand their lead flow and pipeline in a targeted, systematic way. We estimate that LeadGenius-enhanced leads convert 3-10x better than leads acquired from static sources like Data.com. That’s because we’re using a combination of automating the process of finding the right Lead Genius and accessing our very much human workforce to take the task on. The result is better leads that are actually “thought about,” which is a strange way to put it until you realize that big data can miss the soul of human thought. One day deep learning may beat the human brain, but it hasn’t beaten our geniuses yet.


How does the pricing structure work and what kind of clientele can benefit from each level?

Clients pay a monthly subscription basis to identify, enrich, or contact a certain number of leads. Our basic plans include new lead discovery and lead enrichment. Our advanced plans include the ability to reach out to leads with targeted, highly customized messaging. We find that we’ve got something that will work for most businesses and that our most popular product is the ability to automate and systematically fill your pipeline. Many sales organizations understandably want to handle the customized/targeted messaging themselves. However, there are plenty that are comfortable with and have seen great results with us doing so for them.


Speaking of clients, any notable clients you would care to mention?

Certainly. We’ve been working with Stripe since they hired their first head of business operations, Brian Sze, and have been helping scale up their lead enrichment and sales operations ever since.


How does LeadGenius go about executing lead research?

We use a combination of automatic crawlers and a crowd of hundreds of trained, curated human beings to sift through all the business data we can find on the web. We track commercial URLs, jobs pages, government filings, and more. We can even call into companies to determine data that’s not easy to find from the outside. Our geniuses are also good, honest people that ethically and thoughtfully find what they need to find. We’re proud to say that we’ve accessed a global community of some of the best lead generators that money can buy.


What about Lead Qualification? How does LeadGenius weigh which leads will be most beneficial to a client?

This is where the magic happens – the combination of human beings and data crawlers mean that we can make the same kinds of assessments that a salesperson makes when deciding whether a lead is worth contacting. We can track a number of custom buying signals that indicate whether a lead is more or less likely to close. For example, individuals who have been hired recently into positions are more likely to make purchase decisions. This is a feature unique to LeadGenius.


Thank you for taking the time to answer a couple questions, anything you would like to add in closing?

Our long-term vision is to build LeadGenius out into one of the most complete and powerful systems companies can use to identify new business. New business is usually made up of inbound and outbound lead generation. We’re here to maintain and groom that outgoing chain in such a way that you have to either think about it less or not think about it at all.


“Save time and focus on securing clients while LeadGenius takes care of the time-consuming (and monotonous) side. At the same time LeadGenius is curating leads for you, you and your sales team can be on the phones and in the meetings securing those same leads and making sales for your business. Using their combination of smart web crawlers, and smarter people, LeadGenius is a force to be reckoned with in the UAaaS field. Check them out today at https://www.leadgenius.com/”


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