Today we updated LeadGenius outreach with 6 new key features. These additions to our outbound email tool put even more control in the hands of LeadGenius customers when creating outbound email campaigns.

The latest version of LeadGenius outreach was released this morning and is now available to current customers.

Try a demo or talk to your Customer Success Manager about exploring the new LeadGenius Outreach features.

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New LeadGenius outreach Features:

Share Sequences Across Campaigns

One of the most common suggestions from our customers was giving them the ability to use any sequences across any campaigns. This would prevent a lot of manual copying and pasting.

Now, you can choose any sequence from any of your campaigns when you are assigning leads. A big time saver!

LeadGenius Outreach 1


Improved Sequences Workflow

With the new and improved sequence workflow you can preview templates when viewing your sequences, or even create new templates and preview them all within the sequence creation workflow. 

LeadGenius Sequences


Contact Detail View

You can now quickly get an at-a-glance view of each of your contacts, including a history of how many touches they’ve received and when, and their basic company and contact information. You’re able to now access this information right from the outbox view.

Contact Detail View LeadGenius


Add and Merge .csv with an Existing List

Many customers are using LeadGenius outreach to add new contact information to their campaigns over time. Now you can easily add a .csv to one that you’ve previously uploaded. Simply make sure that all the column headings in your .csv match, choose the file, and upload. 

CSV upload leadgenius


Dedicated Template Creation View

We’ve decided to give templates and sequences a home view of their own. Navigate to the templates or sequences tab and enjoy the luxury of creating and editing your templates using our WYSIWYG editor.  Add dynamic fields and even a signature.

LeadGenius Template


Edit Lead Information During Preview

When reviewing your sequences, you can edit individual attributes for your leads in case you find inaccurate or misspelled information.  No need to go back and upload a new, corrected .csv or re-sync to your CRM.  Just click on the “edit lead” button and fix any issues right then and there.

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