If you were to visit the Narula household right now you will find it full of excited, nervous energy. A lot of friends and family visits. Lingering smell of newly painted walls and sights of empty IkeaPrayag Narula, President of LeadGenius and All Modern boxes strewn on the floor. Our baby daughter arrived earlier this week, and our lives have changed forever.

This is also the first time in many years I have been forced to spend all my waking time thinking about something other than my first baby; a company called LeadGenius, which I co-founded in 2011. Startups are hard and require a kind of obsessive mind-set and singular focus on work. I like most other founders and CEOs have spent a lot of nights and weekends working. A lot of them away ignoring my family and to the annoyance and chagrin of my lovely wife, who has always been super supportive.

I am proud of what LeadGenius has accomplished. LeadGenius calls among its customers some of the best-known companies in the world: Google, eBay, Box, Amazon, Salesforce among hundreds of others. We have a global community of over 500 researchers in 35 different countries. And we have stayed true to our social mission impacting lives around the world.

After so many years of nurturing the company it’s time for me to spend some time with my family. To be there at the time of my daughter’s birth and be the father that I was fortunate to have myself. Coincidentally, it is also time to take the company to the next level and scale from hundreds to thousands of customers. Fortunately, I hired someone last year who is a perfect fit to help me with both. I am really happy to announce that LeadGenius’ President Mark Godley will take over the role of its next CEO. He has been an amazing source of strength to me in the last nine months as our President and as a friend for years before that.

Mark is an emphatic and thoughtful leader with years of executive leadership experience in startups especially in the sales and marketing tech space. This quality along with his experience running a non-profit for 6 years makes him perfect for leading a fast growing tech startup with a social mission.

Also, let me be clear, I’m not stepping away. Far from it. Once I come back from my paternity leave I will start my new role as the President and full-time Chairman of the Board. Along with giving me a little more time with family, this role will allow me to take a much more active role in the Product, Engineering and our Community Operations. I also hope to spend my time spreading the gospels of social enterprise and how fulfilling it is to run and work for an organization with a global impact.

Mark and I have complementary skills and capabilities and the temperament to work together to the benefit of the company and our clients. And with the continued contributions of the LeadGenius team and the support of our invaluable investors and board members, LeadGenius’ best days lie ahead.
Best – Prayag