LeadGenius builds lead generation programs for everyone from the world’s fastest growing startups to the Fortune 500. In this presentation, LeadGenius President and Co-Founder, Anand Kulkarni, discusses what’s working and what’s not with outbound sales models industry-wide.

These insights can be applied as a founder, sales leader, or as an individual rep. This presentation covers how you can,

  • Source hundreds of leads / week for yourself on the cheap, using either software (free or paid) or virtual staffers (paid)
  • Pitch and engage with 50-100 customers per day, automatically and convincingly
  • Repeatably generate consistent sales from virtual outbound, either solo or with a marketing team

Also covered in this presentation,

  • List building: the old vs. new
  • Tools to empower SDRs
  • Grabbing leads at scale
  • Virtual sales backup
  • Advanced messaging techniques that work
  • Email mass customization
  • Mashing up outbound with content marketing
  • When to BUY vs. DIY
  • And more.