Available today are a number of new features, workflow improvements, and even a new facelift for the LeadGenius application.


Marketo Integration

LeadGenius’ Marketo integration has arrived, making it easy to enrich any static list in your marketing automation software.

Just import the list from Marketo to LeadGenius, specify what criteria you want to find or verify, and sync the data from LeadGenius back with Marketo. You can specify LeadGenius as a lead source to track how your enriched data is performing, as well as view the import and export history of data between LeadGenius and your Marketo database.
LeadGenius Marketo integration


Introducing “Segments”

Segments allow easy exploration of a new market or a more thorough understanding of an existing market.

Using this new feature, you can break a large total addressable market into smaller groups for targeting, routing, message personalization, and more. Segments can be used to group existing or net new companies and contacts with data points sourced by LeadGenius.

Segments are flexible and customizable

Add data to segments at any time using data from a CSV, Salesforce report, or Marketo list. In addition, you can edit segment criteria at any time. Segments also support the use of custom data points that are unique to your business’s ideal customer profile, providing better targeting for your outbound campaigns.

View segment performance

You can now view at-a-glance summaries of how LeadGenius is enhancing your data in a specific segment in the LeadGenius dashboard. You can even estimate potential ROI of a segment based on your CRM data. This new LeadGenius functionality helps you identify your best performing segments based on known opportunity values.

Understand your segment TAM

When you create a new segment from scratch (net-new), we’ll give you an estimate of the total addressable market (TAM) for that segment in real-time as you choose different criteria.  It’s an easy way to explore the potential of a market without leaving the LeadGenius interface.


segment TAM estimate

LeadGenius criteria interface


Improved User Interface and Workflows

One of the biggest pain points we recently set out to solve are improved workflows that support the way our customers access their LeadGenius data.

Customers can now handle all data requests through the application directly: target net-new companies, upload data for LeadGenius to enrich, update project criteria anytime, and push data to Salesforce or Marketo with the click of a button.

Navigation in the LeadGenius application has been streamlined. You’ll now see an updated report of contacts and accounts identified to-date, as well as opportunity value estimated for all your segments, on our new Segment Overview page.


LeadGenius enriched list segment

Login to your account and take a look, or request a demo to see these new features in action. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and what features you’d like to see next from LeadGenius.