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The world’s fastest growing B2B companies and Fortune 500s alike rely on LeadGenius for the highest-quality data and go-to-market insights.

With LeadGenius you can:
  • Map your target market and key accounts with critical insights and custom data
  • Augment and clean existing data in your CRM or marketing automation platform to improve forecasting
  • Personalize outbound email at scale
  • Build and segment detailed target account lists quickly and accurately
  • Analyze everything from personas to hyper- segmented markets.
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Enterprise Solutions

New Lead Generation

Identify multiple decision makers. Build a named account list. Consolidate your lead sources.

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Database Enrichment

Maximize the value of your CRM and marketing automation software. Improve records with key data and additional contacts.

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Predictable Outbound

Create a consistent, reliable, and predictable outbound pipeline. Scientifically validate market segments and buyer personas.

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Go-To-Market Insights

Analyze your total addressable market. Estimate opportunity value and runway for new verticals. Reveal hidden opportunities in your database.

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