“We need to do sales operations in a way where we can add 50 sales reps and we know we’ll be able to scale.”

Tina Babbi, VP of Global Sales and Service Operations at Adaptive Insights, recently participated in a panel discussion at the San Francisco Sales Ops Meetup, hosted by Datahug and AlwaysHired.

Tina, along with panelists Julie Sokley of Autodesk and Don Otvos of Datahug, discussed the alignment of marketing and sales, the rise of predictive tools, and daily challenges in their organizations.

With thirty years of sales operations experience under her belt, Tina has unique insight on subjects such as when to bring in new talent, how to decide which tools to keep, and reporting across multiple departments with different objectives.

In her own words:


When trying to decide which tools you definitely need, and which ones you definitely need to get rid of, Tina recommends a simple exercise:

“You really have to think about what kind of impact the tool’s making on your business. If it’s not making an impact, you shouldn’t have it,” says Tina.

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But, getting buy-in from the organization doesn’t always come easy.

“You have to bring everybody into the process. Sales has to participate as part of the development, feel that it is their own, and feel that they have influenced where the organization is headed. Otherwise you won’t get the uptake.”

Change is the biggest challenge for any sales operations professional.

In the past, there was a level of tolerance, where “everybody was allowed to do things the way that worked for them individually,” says Tina. “Companies still encouraged employees to be individuals in terms of how they get things done. But as a business grows, the process must be scalable.”

Tina’s takeaway: “Sales operations is about painting a picture of where the business is going long-term, and how that vision translates back to the organization in terms of success.”


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