Congratulations to Signifyd on their most recent round of funding led by Allegis Capital, IA Ventures, Lucas Venture Group, QED Investors, and Tekton Venture, Finovate.

Signifyd is an e-commerce anti-fraud – or, “fraudsurance” – platform  that automates the process of verifying shopper identity for online merchants. Signifyd leverages the social graph to verify that the people making online transactions are really who they say they are.

E-commerce fraud is a growing challenge for retailers. It is estimated that the average e-commerce store loses more than 3% of revenue a year to fraud. Signifyd helps reduce the amount of time spent manually reviewing transactions by as much as 60%, while simultaneously increasing catch rates.

With Signifyd, merchants are able to completely eliminate the fear of chargebacks. By providing detailed information and history on addresses, IP’s, emails, phone numbers, social media and much more, Signifyd gives merchants a comprehensive analysis of every order. Merchants can quickly decide if they wish to ship or decline an order. Further, merchants can purchase insurance from Signifyd, allowing them to ship to their customers knowing that Signifyd will fully reimburse them for any fraud within 24 hours of a chargeback.

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