“Pare down all the craziness and focus on something that’s scalable.”

In this entry of Calls To Action, LeadGenius chats with Chad T. Dyar, Director of Sales Operations at Greenhouse. We discuss how Chad uses data to improve sales productivity, scaling a sales operations team, and what tools help him get the most of out of his team.

In this video we cover:

  • Scaling From a Dozen To A Hundred
  • Hiring A “Productivity Manager”
  • The Sales Operations (Personnel) Stack
  • Demos With All The Major Tools
  • KPI & Scorecards For Marketing Ops
  • Better Data, More Productivity


“Right now we’re really focused on being more data-driven as a company.”

The funny thing is, having enough data was never problem for Greenhouse.

Like many companies, Salesforce, was full of data — it’s just hard to make sense of it. When Chad came on board at Greenhouse, it was time to take a step back and simplify.

“Pare down the craziness and focus on something that’s scalable and then put goals together that are attainable and start moving the needle a little at a time,” says Dyar.

The problem with the data isn’t amount, it’s having it in the right place. Dyar identifies this as a pain point for his organization and other businesses as well. Chad’s focus for 2017 is to “find a resource where we can bring all that information together and tell a really consistent story.”

Sales Operations is about numbers, but it’s also about storytelling: what’s working, what’s not, what’s changing, where are we headed?

Having the right data in the right place really is key to telling a coherent story.

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