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Social Selling Metrics, Methods, and Myths | Jill Rowley

For speaker, advisor, and sales leader, Jill Rowley, social selling is one of the most important tactics a salesperson can employ. It also happens to be one of the most haphazardly applied and misunderstood concepts in the industry today.

What is Sales Velocity? [Whiteboard Video]

Sales Velocity is a main Marketing-Sales alignment metric because it combines key performance indicators from both departments into a single, high-level number. In this whiteboard video, Lena Shaw, Director of Marketing and Growth at LeadGenius, describes how to calculate and use Sales Velocity.

Sales Operations as a Coalition of The Willing | Julie Sokley, VP of Global Sales Operations at Autodesk [Video]

Leading a “coalition of the willing” is tough enough when your organization is not in a time of fundamental transformation. But that’s exactly what Julie Sokley faces as the VP of Global Sales Operations at Autodesk. As Autodesk transitions to the cloud and a more subscription-based model, the sales operations hurdles Julie must overcome include winning hearts and minds in a time of rapid change, restructuring compensation plans, software integrations, and implementing social selling -- just to name a few.