Sales Hacking B2B Lead Generation Webinar

How can salespeople act more like data scientists at the top of the funnel?

Sales is undergoing a transformation…one could call it the acceleration or automation era. This change is characterized by an explosion of data and technology.

Data can be the high-octane fuel that powers your sales machine or it can be the sand that grinds everything to a halt. If you know how to automate, it’s a good time to be in sales. In this 50-minute webinar, Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker and Anand Kulkarni, Chief Scientist at LeadGenius, will discuss:

  • How to find your ideal customers in a crowded marketplace
  • Targeting high-potential buyers
  • Tools for automating lead research
  • Examples of unique trigger events used for targeting buyers
  • And more