Case Studies

Discover the latest news, tips and Go to Market strategies from LeadGenius.

Salesforce Clones Best Practices of Top Performers

See how Salesforce bolstered their ABM efforts with custom data and contact insights from LeadGenius.

Generic Email Matching to Uncover Influencers at K-12 Schools

LeadGenius completely changes the way we clean EDU data. Boost contact-to-account identification rates. Transforming educational engagement for amazing results!

Identifying healthcare practitioners by specialty for superior campaign segmentation

LeadGenius significantly boosted a SaaS company's healthcare marketing by improving contact match rates by 85% through targeted data solutions.

Helped Transition the Business from B2C to B2B

LeadGenius enabled Weebly's seamless transition from B2C to B2B, reaching over 30 million users globally, using targeted email outreach and boost inbound leads.

Account Based Marketing ABM Strategy for Snowflake

LeadGenius boosted Snowflake's CRM from 50% to 85% coverage in enterprise accounts through ABM Strategy, decision-maker contact data for transformative success.

How LeadGenius Can Help Social Influencer Marketing Companies

LeadGenius is helping fashion brands, and online sellers target social influencers on Instagram, TikTok and other sites to sell luxury goods.

Dramatically Scaling a High Growth Venture

As an extension of Signifyd's GTM team, LeadGenius provided custom e-commerce data and account insights to help grow business inside of key ICP targets.