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Power Account Based Marketing Strategy for Snowflake

Snowflake seeks specific decision-makers to have actionable data for marketing & sales efforts , including incomplete data from event marketing & webinar leads.

Amazon Marketplace LATAM's Transformation with LeadGenius

Amazon LATAM Marketplace used LeadGenius for better contact/account coverage. Combination of tech enrichment, human tech intelligence boosted coverage & results

TAM Analysis, Account Prioritization, Sales Efficiency

LeadGenius is critical partner in making our LATAM sales efforts extremely successful. TAM Analysis & Account Prioritization expertise for unparalleled success!

Salesforce Clones Best Practices of Top Performers

See how Salesforce bolstered their ABM efforts with custom data and contact insights from LeadGenius.

How LeadGenius help Bob prioritise high-value target accounts in EMEA & APJ

Bob needed to find a way to prioritize high-value target accounts in EMEA & APJ better and enable more efficient sales outreach.

Sales Strategy & Enablement

DoorDash food delivery CRM had approximately 250,000 directly sourced but unverified and incomplete company records that utilized by Sales Strategy & Enablement

LeadGenius helped centralize and unify data across solutions

Autodesk’s marketing team struggled to create a consistent 360 view of key accounts. Data solutions were inconsistent, and lacked coverage of the key personas..

Paycor’s direct mail campaigns were inefficient and expensive

Paycor’s direct mail campaigns were inefficient and expensive with bulk contact data that resulted in a 75% deliverability rate.

Generic Email Matching to Uncover Influencers at K-12 Schools

LeadGenius completely changes the way we clean EDU data. Boost contact-to-account identification rates. Transforming educational engagement for amazing results!

Accelerated sales pipeline

We've used multiple tools & I've never found anyone as good as LeadGenius. Drive results by targeting competitors & reactivating inactive accounts. Learn more!!

SMB Targeting Strategy for Inside Sales

LeadGenius helped the Inside Sales team with their SMB growth strategy & test new verticals. Discover effective methods to elevate your approach & drive growth.

Optimized Campaigns with Custom Data

Boost your business growth with Intercom tailored campaigns fueled by custom data. Messaging-first solutions for acquisition, engagement & support by LeadGenius

Account Based Marketing ABM Strategy for Snowflake

LeadGenius boosted Snowflake's CRM from 50% to 85% coverage in enterprise accounts through ABM Strategy, decision-maker contact data for transformative success.

How LeadGenius Can Help Payment Processing Companies

LeadGenius has helped large companies identify payment processing and POS systems for quick-service restaurants.

How LeadGenius Can Help Social Influencer Marketing Companies

LeadGenius is helping fashion brands, and online sellers target social influencers on Instagram, TikTok and other sites to sell luxury goods.

How LeadGenius Can Help with Franchise and Restaurant Data

LeadGenius has helped many clients target small businesses such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations or cafes globally.

Helped Transition the Business from B2C to B2B

LeadGenius enabled Weebly's seamless transition from B2C to B2B, reaching over 30 million users globally, using targeted email outreach and boost inbound leads.

Prospecting Automation Machine for BDRs - LeadGenius

ROI of over 1,100% secured in just 4 months from pipeline generated using Personalized Data from LeadGenius.

Dramatically Scaling a High Growth Venture

As an extension of Signifyd's GTM team, LeadGenius provided custom e-commerce data and account insights to help grow business inside of key ICP targets.

Fortune 500 commerical bank

See how LeadGenius scored thousands of accounts to find key growth signals and help reduce delinquencies across SMB accounts.

Identifying healthcare practitioners by specialty for superior campaign segmentation

LeadGenius significantly boosted a SaaS company's healthcare marketing by improving contact match rates by 85% through targeted data solutions.

ZoomInfo Alternative - who are the new players in the B2B Data Space,

Why more and more people are moving away from the once great data giant. Learn about the reasons behind this shift and find alternatives to meet your data needs

Revolutionizing Sales Engagement with LeadGenius for a Regional Fiber Provider

Switching from Zoominfo to LeadGenius transformed a fiber provider's sales, improving data quality & coverage, boosting conversion rates, and tripling meetings.

Transaction Data with Enigma and LeadGenius to power eCommerce targeting

Integration of LeadGenius & Enigma's data solutions increased the sales efficiency & conversion rates, improving the quality & reliability of customer insights.

LeadGenius Empowers a Leading Commercial Real Estate Broker with Superior Data Accuracy and Real-Time Insights

LeadGenius revolutionized the business development strategy of a leading commercial real estate broker by providing accurate and timely data on businesses utilizing office space. This partnership resulted in improved targeting, better engagement, and increased efficiency for the broker's sales team.