About Weebly

Weebly is a global platform that helps millions of entrepreneurs bring their small business dreams to life. The Weebly platform delivers a line up of services to help both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs create, build and growth their business websites form any device anywhere.

Over 30 million people in 170 countries have used Weebly to create a website, blog or online store. More than 250 million unique visitors reach Weebly websites each month.

Leaping From B2C to B2B

Weebly grew their B2C product to 30 million users entirely with organic inbound signups. When it came time to launch their new B2B product, Weebly implemented an outreach email program with LeadGenius to extend the reach of their sales team.

Weebly was looking to target new verticals with their B2B product, without creating inefficiencies for their internal teams. With the sales team already busy working on inbound and legacy leads, the new outbound component of Weebly’s sales process had to be practical to implement and scale long-term.

To get started, Weebly provided LeadGenius with insights from new market segment analysis.

LeadGenius used these insights to identify accurate contact information for decision makers in each vertical. The success of initial outreach email campaigns helped validate which audience segments were getting traction, and just as importantly, which were not.

As word spread about Weebly’s Enterprise product, inbound lead volume grew. Weebly analyzed trends with the new organic leads and used LeadGenius to identify similar prospective customers for additional outreach programs, leading to much success.