Hit Your Sales Quota Faster and Accelerate Revenue

Rapidly source B2B data without leaving your existing sales enablement tools while seamlessly exporting to your CRM. All-in-one view with growth automation.

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Hit Your Sales Quota Faster and Accelerate Revenue

Rapidly source B2B data without leaving your existing sales enablement tools while seamlessly exporting to your CRM. All-in-one view with growth automation.

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Top Industry Leaders Trust LeadGenius to Fill Their Revenue Pipeline and Automate Their Growth


Growth Automation

The future of Growth Automation combines 3 traditionally separate categories: B2B Data, Data Outsourcing, and Robotic Process Automation into 1 powerful solution, Flow and DataHub by LeadGenius.

  • B2B Data – Account & Contact Intelligence, Custom Insights & Vertical Datasets, Signals, Global Datasets
  • Data Outsourcing – Dedicated team of 3: Data Scientist, Project Manager, Customer Success Manager
  • Robotic Process Automation– Automate repetitive tasks like prospect research & CRM chores

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Companies Using Growth Automation See

2x faster sales cycle, 10x more qualified leads, and 50% more efficient salespeople

Business Development Manager at FinancialForce

“LeadGenius’ Data Ops Teams have been a critical partner for us when it comes to our goal of creating scalable prospecting automation machine.”

Director of Customer Marketing at Pendo

“I’m a huge LeadGenius fan. This is the second org I’ve used LeadGenius at and they were the first platform I asked to bring in once I joined the company. There are a few major reasons I love them so much. My team focuses its time on customer expansion and retention efforts and we have some gaps in what we knew about our customers. For starters, we have web and mobile products and we didn’t know which of our customers had mobile applications or how many they had. LeadGenius helped us identify what that greenfield opportunity was across our customers to really target our messaging and campaigns to align with that. We’re using them for contact acquisition as we go upmarket and as we build into specific industries and we also use them for champion tracking. So not only are we able to understand where there might be churn risk, but we can also engage the champions at a new company to try to build a relationship where they’ve moved.”

Account-Based Marketing Manager at Snowflake

“We have multiple personal campaigns that we run on Linkedin to our top ABM target accounts. We use LeadGenius to help us scrape leads that have engaged with our sponsored content at scale. There can be anywhere from a couple hundred to a thousand on a weekly basis and we have them piped back to SFDC under a specific campaign. We can then use these enriched leads in retargeting campaigns or, more importantly, our SDRs and AEs have a unique insight to leads that have engaged with content in a single view so they can plan their outreach accordingly.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why choose LeadGenius Growth Automation?

Growth Automation with LeadGenius is what efficiency-obsessed companies use to shorten sales cycles, reach more leads and close more opportunities faster.

Spend more time on meaningful conversations and meet your goals faster by automating the time-consuming and repetitive go-to-market tasks that stifle productivity. Integrate Flow with all the CRM, sales enablement, sales automation and b2b data provider tools and services you already use. Tools and services such as SalesForce, Hubspot, SalesLoft, Outreach, Groove, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, Owler, DataHub, etc.

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Best opportunities are often hidden. LeadGenius DataHub uncovers hard to find B2B Data to truly accelerate your go-to-market activities. LeadGenius helps differentiate you from your competitors by giving you access to custom real time data that enables you to have truly meaningful buyer centric conversations based on that custom relevant and contextual data.

Marketers are now swimming in tons of commoditized data that is not particularly “up to the minute” useful. LeadGenius provides custom insights and signals to help reactivate and prioritize the data you already own with relevant insights and in-context signals that are actionable.

Get alerted when a target account starts engaging with one of your competitors with signal intelligence. Identify leads in real time that are actively demonstrating intent to buy with LeadGenius buying intent alerts.

When your competitors have access to the same marketing database as you do, it ceases to be a source of competitive advantage. At LeadGenius, only you have access to your data as we do not use a giant static database of contact data that is sold and resold thousands of times that often gets outdated and inaccurate real quick. Your data, based on your persona and vertical parameters, is generated and verified just for you in near real-time. It’s your data.

Ramp up your B2B outbound and inbound sales velocity using Flow with DataHub to rapidly expand your sales pipeline with accurate contacts that are ready to buy, while saving up to 10hrs per week in increased efficiencies from advanced automated workflow selling and robotic process automation.

More Pipeline, More Sales and More Revenue. — A Lot Faster