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What is Hard to Find B2B Data?

B2B Data is fast evolving. Marketers no longer limit themselves with standard data fields around contacts and companies. They are now seeking data elements that demonstrate purchase intent or are particular to a given vertical. Below are examples of data fields relevant to: Intent, Ecommerce, HR/Payroll and SaaS companies.

  • Online Content Consumption
  • Events Attended
  • Hiring Trends/Job Posts
  • Departmental Growth
  • Hiring Velocity Per Title
  • Interaction with Competitors
  • M&A/Funding Activity
  • New Office Location
  • Product Announcements
  • Inventory Levels/Pricing
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Contact  Job Change
  • Contact Title Change
  • Whitepaper Downloads
  • Contact Engagement with Competitors
  • Site-level Information
  • Marketplaces They Sell On
  • Number of SKUs
  • Avg Inventory (SKU) Price
  • Product Categories
  • Product Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Pricing
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Similar Product Vendors
  • Business Owner Contact Details
  • Company Year Founded
  • Shopping Cart Tech
  • Monthly Adwords Spend
  • Payment Systems
  • Number of Facebook Likes
  • Number of Unique Monthly Website Visitors
  • Company Instagram URL
  • Career Page URL
  • HR Technologies Installed
  • Best Place to Work Lists? (Y/N)
  • FTE Vs Contractors
  • Domestic Vs Overseas Employees
  • Cross Border Wages
  • Number of Employees by Dept.
  • Employees Hired Last Quarter
  • HR Recently Hired (Y/N)
  • Number of Offices in the US
  • Company Benefits (Y/N)
  • Benefits Provider
  • Recruitment Team Size
  • Outstanding Job Posts
  • Avg Time to Fill Jobs
  • Contact: Hire Date
  • Contact: Last Employer
  • Contact: LinkedIn URL
  • Contact: Length of Employment
  • Contact: Language Spoken
  • Cloud Technologies Used
  • # of Data Centers
  • Demo Link on Home Page (Y/N)
  • Free Trial on Home Page (Y/N)
  • Payment Processor
  • Shopping Cart (Y/N)
  • Hiring Trends by Period
  • Shopping Cart Technology
  • All Locations in Addition to HQ
  • # of Website Visitors
  • Exec Departure in the Last 6 Months
  • New Exec in the Last 6 Months
  • Department Growth Trends
  • Most Recent Funding Date
  • Number of Employees by Department
  • Contact: Prior Employee Details
  • Contact: Tenure in Current Position
  • Contact: Social Analytics for Execs and Sales Team

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