Data-Powered Growth

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The power of human intelligence
with the scale of machine learning.

Agile & Immediate

On-demand, just-in-time data

Human-curated custom data

Automated data plays

Data Orchestration

Data as a strategy to reveal new opportunities

Enterprise-wide data orchestration

Nimble augmentation to traditional data sources

Accurate & Accountable

On-demand automated data hygiene

Unrivaled QA processes

Data performance reporting to optimize data investments

“We worked with LeadGenius on our targeting strategy, and they helped inform the success of that strategy. LeadGenius has been a great partner..”

John Kelly, Head of Sales
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Expect More From Your Data.
Be A Genius.

LeadGenius uses a unique combination of data science and skilled human researchers to produce the highest quality data available anywhere. Consistent volume, flexible targeting, and quality-assured results. It just works.

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“LeadGenius helped us focus our sales resources on the things that are most critical.”

Stefan Nandzik, VP of Marketing
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