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Unlock unmatched accuracy in customer targeting. Engage the right individuals, at the right time, in the right organizations.
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Find, Win and Keep Customers with Precision Data and Insights

Move beyond generic data. Get actionable contact data with global coverage on demand.

Custom Insights

Enrich your existing contacts or get a stream of net-new ideal customers.
SMB data is where we live and thrive.

Active Monitoring

Track accounts and champions to connect with ideal customers at the perfect time.
SMB data moves and decays faster than any other market

Just ask Paypal, Square and Tik Tok.

LeadGenius makes it possible to find your ideal customers at scale.

"The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the account management team is always willing to help, answering questions and sharing best practices, true partners! There’s no more guesswork and ambiguity involved in where opportunity lies or where to allocate resources from a business standpoint."

Rafael Nobre - Amazon Marketplace LATAM
  • Target SMB e-commerce companies with unprecedented precision.
  • Allocate resources more effectively, eliminating guesswork.
  • Foster growth in the LATAM e-commerce ecosystem by connecting with a broader range of sellers.
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"I have never worked with a third-party vendor that was so easy to get along with, 5o friendly, personable and genuinely cared about our success."

Jackie Siegel | Sales Operations and Demand Generation Manager
  • Grew B2B customer base 5X.
  • Success in Enterprise Product led to acquisition by Square

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"LeadGenius is a highly efficient extension of our sales team."

John Livett | Sales Manager
  • $60K data savings in the first year.
  • Scaled team from 1 to 15 sales reps.

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"We worked with LeadGenius on our targeting strategy, and they helped inform the success of that strategy. LeadGenius has been a great partner."

John Kelly I Head of Sales at eBay
  • Over 1 Million Amazon Sellers identified
  • 3X New Seller creation rate compared to baseline

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"LeadGenius is our favorite data provider."

David Yates | Head of Sales Ops
  • 35,000 net new accounts
  • 73% enrichment rate
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LeadGenius is a critical partner in making our LATAM sales efforts extremely successful.

Ricardo Martinez | Director, Sales Strategy LATAM
  • 100% sales focus on verified and prioritized target merchants
  • $3M in opportunities in the first 90 days
  • 220% of quota in Brazil in first year
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Vertical eCommerce Insights
Make All the Difference.

Sharpen marketing and sales targeting, enhance lead scoring and make informed profitable decisions with Precision Insights.
One size fits all data
Precision Insights
ABC Store, Inc
Retail Industry
Shopify User
Find all the Amazon Marketplace sellers who are the owners of companies with $10M in sales with over 500K unique monthly visitors, sell online & offline, have 4+ star Amazon reviews and are Amazon Top Sellers in luxury apparel.
First Name,
Last Name
Owner, ABC Store
Owner Email
Direct Phone
Get the interests, experience, knowledge areas of all key buying committee contacts plus their social handles, personal emails, business emails, multiple direct phone numbers, physical locations, all sourced in native language unique to their geo.

Some of our
eCommerce Insights

Get what you need done, just better.

Identify SMBs
Find, Track and Score Small and Medium Businesses at scale using data gathering methods unique to your industry of focus and market segmentation.
Identify Net-New Greenfield Accounts
Identify Net New accounts you don’t currently have in your CRM.
Plug Holes in Account Data
Fill critical missing gaps in accounts you already have in your CRM.
Find International Contacts
Uncover international contacts in EMEA, APJ, and LATAM with ease to fuel your global pipeline and remove blockers from global growth goals.
Track Champions & Decision Makers
Actively monitor the movement of key contacts at your customer & prospect accounts.

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