Amazon Marketplace LATAM's Transformation with LeadGenius


Amazon Marketplace LATAM, a thriving platform for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses in Latin America, faced significant challenges in contact and account coverage. The team sought a more efficient and accurate way to enrich and expand their database. Their primary goal was to enhance their outreach efforts, improve sales efficiency, and ultimately drive growth across the LATAM region.


The main challenge Amazon Marketplace LATAM encountered was the low enrichment rate of contacts and accounts using manual prospecting. The existing process resulted in low enrichment rates, which significantly hindered their ability to effectively target SMB e-commerce companies in the region. The team needed a solution that could not only improve this rate but also provide deeper insights and accuracy in data collection.


LeadGenius stepped in to address these challenges with its unique combination of technology-driven data enrichment and human intelligence. Rafael Nobre, representing Amazon Marketplace LATAM, highlighted the ease of use and support provided by LeadGenius, stating,

Rafael Nobre
Rafael Nobre

"The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the account management team is always willing to help, answering questions and sharing best practices, true partners! There’s no more guesswork and ambiguity involved in where opportunity lies or where to allocate resources from a business standpoint."

To validate the effectiveness of LeadGenius's solution, Amazon Marketplace LATAM initiated a test focusing on enriching a list of SMB e-commerce companies. The goal was to compare the enrichment rates achieved using other methods and vendors, LeadGenius's tech-only approach, and the combined tech plus human intelligence approach offered by LeadGenius.


The results of the test were nothing short of remarkable:

  • Better contact and account coverage
  • Compliant International Data
  • Improved Marketplace Seller Acquisition

This improvement in coverage and results underscored the superior capabilities of LeadGenius in handling e-commerce data and global contacts, especially in the dynamic and diverse LATAM market.


The dramatic increase in enrichment rate enabled Amazon Marketplace LATAM to significantly enhance their contact and account coverage. With more accurate and comprehensive data at their disposal, the team could better identify and engage with potential sellers on the platform, leading to improved sales efficiency and growth. The partnership with LeadGenius allowed Amazon Marketplace LATAM to:

  • Target SMB e-commerce companies with unprecedented precision.
  • Allocate resources more effectively, eliminating guesswork.
  • Foster growth in the LATAM e-commerce ecosystem by connecting with a broader range of sellers.


Amazon Marketplace LATAM's experience with LeadGenius demonstrates the transformative power of combining technology with human intelligence in data enrichment processes. As Rafael Nobre aptly noted, working with LeadGenius removed ambiguity in targeting and resource allocation, enabling Amazon Marketplace LATAM to capitalize on opportunities with newfound clarity and effectiveness. This case study serves as a testament to LeadGenius's unparalleled ability to enhance B2B data enrichment, particularly in the e-commerce sector and global markets.