Dramatically Scaling a High Growth Venture

About Signifyd

Signifyd helps e-commerce businesses sell confidently while protecting them from fraud.

$3.4 billion is lost annually due to fraud chargebacks and reversals. 3% of e-commerce revenue is lost every year due to wrongly declined sales. Signifyd has created the next generation of online fraud prevention tools to interpret a user’s digital footprint and bridge the gap between online and offline identity, without creating friction for legitimate users.

Scaling A Sales Team From One To A Dozen

Like most growing companies, Signifyd started off with only one salesperson handling outbound sales. As the company grew, that account executive struggled to keep up. He simply did not have enough time to continually research new companies, identify decision-makers, locate accurate contact info, manage outbound emails, cold call, follow up with prospective clients, hold demos and close deals.

Signifyd had defined and knew their ideal customer well but needed a scalable way to identify accurate contact data in a crowded marketplace. Signifyd used LeadGenius to generate highly-targeted leads to use in their outbound sales process. This type of resource not only helped Signifyd growth their sales force from one to twelve reps, but it also enabled them to expand their customer base in previously untapped markets.

In Their Own Words

What was the biggest obstacle you had to consider when deciding to use LeadGenius?

SKYE: It was the basic build vs. buy question.  Did we want to spend the time and money to build out our own lead generation/research team or did we want to use an expert resource like LeadGenius?

How has Signifyd been successful at driving sustainable growth?

SKYE: We’re constantly evaluating the industry needs and our performance meeting those needs.  We’ve maintained our core focus of providing customer and transaction intelligence but we’ve tweaked our product and approach consistently along the way.

What were you doing before using LeadGenius and how have we helped your team become more efficient?

SKYE: We had an internal team doing all of our prospecting and research.  While that was undoubtedly time well spent, it was also time off of the phones or away from customers.  With LeadGenius we have been able to focus more on actual selling.

What is one thing every online business needs to know about online fraud protection?

SKYE: One thing?  Wow.  Like any other threat, there are two sides to online fraud: there are the actual losses, and there is the fear of those losses that makes us do some extraordinary and distracting things.  Our approach is to not only stop our customers from incurring damages from fraud, but to spend less time worrying about fraud in the first place.  We’re here to help our customers do more business without the fear of fraud.

What are some of the tangible results you have received from using LeadGenius?

SKYE: We can count the actual deals that we’ve closed after introductions from LeadGenius. That’s a tangible, real number. We have revenue coming in because of LeadGenius.

What specific feature do you like most about LeadGenius?

SKYE: The flexibility. One of our strongest assets is our ability to change direction quickly when the market demands.  As a result, we throw a lot of different ideas at LeadGenius and LeadGenius has always delivered.

What else do you like about working with LeadGenius?

SKYE: 1. Integration with our CRM (Salesforce); 2. Consultative approach to providing leads; 3. The ability to scale with the growth of our sales team.