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Use Precision Data to shape marketing strategies that engage and convert.
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Fuel Your Marketing Playbook With
Custom Verified Precision Data

From the first touchpoint to the final conversion, personalized data ensures
your message is always on point, relevant, and memorable.
Stop guessing and craft precise demand gen and
ABM campaigns targeting high-value prospects with confidence.
Optimize funnel
Optimize the Funnel
Personalized data helps your team focus on closing the right customers, instead of going over endless lists.
Lead Verification
Lead Verification
Our custom on-demand data is verified by humans not robots so you can spend more time strategizing and less time second-guessing.
Drive Revenue
Drive Revenue
Equip your team with insights tailored for your ideal customer profiles to help focus them on the right connections.

Just ask Rakuten, Citrix and Indeed

LeadGenius makes it possible to find your ideal customers at scale.

  • The conversation rate soared to 8 conversations per 60 dials, a substantial increase from the previous rate.
  • The efficacy of these conversations also improved, with 3 booked meetings resulting from every 20 conversations—a testament to the quality of leads and data provided by LeadGenius.
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Ask Rakuten, Citrix and Indeed

  • The conversation rate soared to 8 conversations per 60 dials, a substantial increase from the previous rate.
  • The efficacy of these conversations also improved, with 3 booked meetings resulting from every 20 conversations—a testament to the quality of leads and data provided by LeadGenius.
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"The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the account management team is always willing to help, answering questions and sharing best practices, true partners! There’s no more guesswork and ambiguity involved in where opportunity lies or where to allocate resources from a business standpoint."

Rafael Nobre - Amazon Marketplace LATAM
  • Target SMB e-commerce companies with unprecedented precision.
  • Allocate resources more effectively, eliminating guesswork.
  • Foster growth in the LATAM e-commerce ecosystem by connecting with a broader range of sellers.
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"Before LG we spent the first two weeks of every quarter mapping contacts to previous user accounts"

Director of Corporate Marketing
  • Streamlined AE research saving 10 days each quarter per rep
  • Improved data completeness and accuracy on 80% of named accounts nominated for enrichment
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"LeadGenius completely changed the way we clean inbound leads and identify prospects"

Program Manager Google EDU
  • 62% increase in their contact to account coverage
  • Improved MQL to SQL rates by 29%
  • Identified Millions of Influencers at public school districts across the US
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"We have seen targeting get clearer and more precise"

Head of Rev Ops
  • Improved Contact to Account match rates by 85%
  • Enabled Marketing team to run highly specialized campaigns based on Practitioners' specialties and size of clinics
  • Uncovered data on hospital bed counts that allowed for better territory planning
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"I have never worked with a third-party vendor that was so easy to get along with, 5o friendly, personable and genuinely cared about our success."

Jackie Siegel | Sales Operations and Demand Generation Manager
  • Grew B2B customer base 5X.
  • Success in Enterprise Product led to acquisition by Square

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“The LeadGenius solution really helps us with contact discovery, account selection, and account segmentation and really helps us build out our key personas."

Daniel Day | Director of Account-Based Marketing
  • 85% full coverage account data in 6 months.
  • 2X growth in customer base across US, EU and Asia

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"We are able to find influencers to match each one of our product lines with scale that we could never replicate on our own"

Head of Influencer Marketing
  • Delivered over 100,000 influencers
  • Directly generated over $3M in first 120 days
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"LeadGenius is a highly efficient extension of our sales team."

John Livett | Sales Manager
  • $60K data savings in the first year.
  • Scaled team from 1 to 15 sales reps.

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"LeadGenius has helped many clients target small businesses such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations or cafes globally."

Head of Sales
  • Produced franchisee lists organized by mutual ownership groups for greater territory planning and ABM execution.
  • Improved outbound success rate by 38% due to better contact coverage and entity resolution.
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"Intercom’s global sales team has saved 3,714 hours by having LeadGenius enrich 6,895 accounts with 32,513 contacts"

David Carr | Intercom’s Head of Sales Operations
  • Improved rep efficiencies by 28%
  • Saved 3,714 man hours by having LeadGenius enrich 6,895 accounts with 32,513 contacts
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"LeadGenius’ Data Ops Teams have been a critical partner for us when it comes to our goal of creating a scalable prospecting automation machine."

Erik Taylor | Business Dev Manager at FinancialForce
  • Generating over $1.5M in sales-accepted pipeline
  • Providing executive direct dials that resulted in closing one of FinancialForce’s largest new customers
  • 18 additional early-stage opportunities

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"LeadGenius has helped large companies identify payment processing and POS systems for quick-service restaurants."

Head of Business Development
  • Company’s SDR team was spending 40%
  • Freeing up 30% of the SDRs team time created a whole new workday
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"We worked with LeadGenius on our targeting strategy, and they helped inform the success of that strategy. LeadGenius has been a great partner."

John Kelly I Head of Sales at eBay
  • Over 1 Million Amazon Sellers identified
  • 3X New Seller creation rate compared to baseline

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I have been working in partnership with LeadGenius for over 3 years and have developed a strong working relationship with LeadGenius. The tool is very easy to use and we consider it superior to all other tools in our marketing tech stack. We started with LeadGenius for account-based marketing and demand generation, with the demand generation function spending significantly more on LeadGenius. We have been successful with LeadGenius in various use cases such as providing accurate and updated information that our other tools are not providing. LeadGenius was used to generate registrations for the Data Cloud World Tour when other tools were not effective. On the ABM side of things our meeting conversion with LeadGenius is roughly 35-40%, so we are 3x the number off a traditional outbound motion.

Christopher Marshall, Account Based Marketing at Snowflake
  • 3x the number of meetings than the traditional outbound motion
  • 35-40% meeting conversion rate
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"Without LeadGenius our direct mail campaigns would have landed flat on their face."

Steven Wadsworth, Principal Sales Data Analyst
  • 95% successful delivery rate
  • 209% sales opportunity generation
  • $160K+ saved in return shipping/restocking
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"LeadGenius is our favorite data provider."

David Yates | Head of Sales Ops
  • 35,000 net new accounts
  • 73% enrichment rate
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"You’ve made the sellers very happy, which makes me very happy."

John Mehlman | ABM Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions
  • 4,521 Records delivered
  • 35% of contacts identified as left the account
  • Increase upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Improve response rates
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"LeadGenius sourced our unique account fit attributes & brought them into our tech stack to create a valuable demand creation engine."

Global Director, Account Based GTM Strategies (ABM/ABX)
  • 35% of contacts identified as left the account
  • Vastly improved account ID. Account insights for scoring where none existed before.
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LeadGenius is a critical partner in making our LATAM sales efforts extremely successful.

Ricardo Martinez | Director, Sales Strategy LATAM
  • 100% sales focus on verified and prioritized target merchants
  • $3M in opportunities in the first 90 days
  • 220% of quota in Brazil in first year
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"Not only did these Insights contribute to higher booking rates, they also revealed accounts with higher spend and lower overall risk."

Commercial Data Business Director
  • 2x Increase in Bookings. Accounts with Insights identified were 2x more likely to become a customer
  • Significant Month-to-Month Spend. Accounts with Insights identified spent more than those without
  • Significantly Lower Risk. Accounts with Insights identified were significantly less likely to default over time
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"We've used multiple tools, and I've never found anyone as good as LeadGenius."

Global New Business Lead
  • Accelerated sales pipeline . New logos were closed as quickly as 14 days of data deliveries
  • Increased coverage. High value target accounts were enriched with key personas that were previously missing.
  • 190x ROI. Effective sales strategies supplemented with bespoke data leading to massive pipeline growth.
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Make every client count
with precision insights

New Leads
Reach new leads
Identify growth opportunities and get verified pipeline and customer insights you can trust on a global basis.
Winning MOre Customers
Win more customers
Spend time closing the right customers faster with more
personalized outreach.
Keep More Customers
Keep more customers
Engage customers personally when it matters most
and is most impactful.
Get Started Easily
Get started easily
Our pre-built plays get your teams up and running quickly, and driving to results even faster.

Vertical Insights
Make All the Difference.

Sharpen marketing and sales targeting, enhance lead scoring and make informed profitable decisions with Precision Insights.

Get what you need done, just better.

Identify Net-New Greenfield Accounts
Identify Net New accounts you don’t currently have in your CRM.
Track Champions & Decision Makers
Actively monitor the movement of key contacts at your customer & prospect accounts.
Plug Holes in Account Data
Fill critical missing gaps in accounts you already have in your CRM.
Track Champions & Decision Makers 2
Actively monitor the movement of key contacts at your customer & prospect accounts.
Track Champions & Decision Makers 3
Actively monitor the movement of key contacts at your customer & prospect accounts.

Your Insights, Your Platforms.

LeadGenius seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools