Revolutionizing Sales Engagement with LeadGenius for a Regional Fiber Provider


A regional fiber provider, specializing in delivering high-speed internet services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with fewer than 500 employees, faced significant challenges in their sales outreach efforts. Utilizing Zoominfo for their sales prospecting, they encountered a disheartening connect rate, achieving only one conversation for every 60 dials made each day. The root causes of this inefficiency were identified as low contact to account coverage and poor account hygiene, severely hampering their ability to reach and engage their target market effectively.


The company's primary challenge was the low connect rate stemming from outdated and incomplete data, which resulted in wasted efforts and resources. The sales team needed access to high-quality, accurate data to improve their outreach strategies. Moreover, identifying and targeting prospects within the SMB sector, who were in dire need of reliable internet services, became increasingly difficult without real-time data signals and comprehensive contact coverage.


The transition to LeadGenius marked a turning point for the regional fiber provider. LeadGenius differentiated itself by offering unparalleled data accuracy, extensive contact coverage, and unique data signals not available through any other provider. Specifically, LeadGenius provided insights into businesses recently affected by internet outages and identified new businesses opening within the provider’s fiber coverage area. This targeted approach allowed the sales team to prioritize their efforts and tailor their outreach to the most relevant prospects.


Implementing LeadGenius led to a dramatic improvement in the company’s sales engagement metrics:

  • The conversation rate soared to 8 conversations per 60 dials, a substantial increase from the previous rate.
  • The efficacy of these conversations also improved, with 3 booked meetings resulting from every 20 conversations—a testament to the quality of leads and data provided by LeadGenius.


For the regional fiber provider, partnering with LeadGenius was not merely a change in data providers; it was a strategic move that transformed their sales process. The improved conversation and meeting booking rates reflect the power of having accurate, comprehensive, and actionable data at their fingertips. LeadGenius’s ability to deliver unique data signals—such as the impact of internet outages and the emergence of new businesses—offered the sales team a competitive edge, enabling them to connect with their target market more effectively than ever before.

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of high-quality data on sales efficiency and success. For companies operating in highly competitive and dynamic markets, like regional fiber providers targeting the SMB sector, the choice of data partner can be the difference between stagnation and growth. LeadGenius stands out as an indispensable tool for sales teams seeking to maximize their outreach efforts, offering a level of insight and accuracy that redefines the standards for sales prospecting and engagement.