Account Based Marketing ABM Strategy for Snowflake

In the video case study below, Daniel Day, Director of Account-Based Marketing at Snowflake, discusses why LeadGenius has been a trusted partner for over 3 years.

As an account-based marketer, you get pulled in a lot of different directions. More data is not always better. Inaccurate or incomplete account records become unwieldy in your CRM or marketing automation software. As senior manager of account-based marketing at Snowflake, Daniel Day wanted to be very deliberate about how he approached filling in the whitespace in Snowflake’s CRM.

“Before LeadGenius, from an account-based perspective, we had an account landscape of about 2500 enterprise accounts,” says Day. “About 50 percent of those accounts were not what we would call full coverage. Full coverage for our enterprise market is 15 of our key contacts and each one of our key personas per account.”

According to data from CEB, there are 6.8 decision-makers involved in the average B2B purchase. As you move upmarket, that number gets larger and larger. For Snowflake, the minimum threshold for approaching sales is having accurate contact information for 15 decision-makers. Identifying those specific individuals, and keeping track of them over time, requires a great deal of specialized research — but having that actionable data available for marketing and sales makes all the difference.

“After using LeadGenius for 6 months, the number of incomplete accounts in our entire enterprise target market is down below 15 percent,” says Day. “So we’ve taken full coverage from being less than 50 percent to really driving it somewhere around 85 percent mark.”

Persona-Based Targeting For Account-Based Marketing

The greater the visibility you have into your total addressable market, the more stability and predictability you add to your marketing and sales pipeline. Knowing your total addressable market isn’t just about generating a list of accounts. It’s about drilling into the decision-making units within those accounts.

“The LeadGenius solution really helps us with contact discovery, account selection, account segmentation and really helping us build out our key personas. As we move more into the enterprise space, the work we have already done defining those key personas now turns to prospecting,” says Day.

Snowflake is one of the few sizable technology companies that has achieved true exponential growth over the past few years. As Snowflake continues to scale, LeadGenius remains a trusted data partner.

“What I am super excited about is adding the technology aspect of LeadGenius into our strategy,” says Day. “Building out the LeadGenius platform, applying the personal element with the technology to give key insights on accounts that I can not only use as a marketer but help to support my sales organization. And help us be even more data-driven then we are today.”