Power Account Based Marketing Strategy for Snowflake


Snowflake, a leader in cloud-based data warehousing, faced significant challenges in improving contact and account coverage within its target markets. The objective was clear: to enhance lead to opportunity conversion rates and, ultimately, drive revenue growth. With a plethora of data providers in the market, Snowflake needed a partner that could provide unparalleled accuracy and depth in global contacts and conference data. Enter LeadGenius.

The Challenge

Snowflake's ambitious growth trajectory demanded a robust and scalable solution for account-based marketing (ABM) and demand generation. Traditional data providers and tools were falling short, especially in generating registrations for key events like the Data Cloud World Tour and in supporting the ABM strategy with high conversion rates. Snowflake needed a data partner that could deliver beyond the ordinary, providing high-quality, updated information that no other tool could match.

The Solution

LeadGenius stood out as the solution of choice for Snowflake, thanks to its unique combination of technology and human intelligence. Christopher Marshall from Snowflake shares, "I have been working in partnership with LeadGenius for over 3 years and have developed a strong working relationship with LeadGenius. The tool is very easy to use and we consider it superior to all other tools in our marketing tech stack."

LeadGenius's approach involved a deep dive into Snowflake's specific needs, leveraging their tech plus human intelligence model to enrich and validate global contact and account data. This method ensured unparalleled accuracy and relevance, enabling Snowflake to engage with prospects more effectively and efficiently.


The collaboration between Snowflake and LeadGenius yielded impressive results:

  • 3x Improvement in Lead to Opportunity Conversion: Snowflake witnessed a threefold increase in conversions from lead to opportunity stages, significantly impacting their bottom line.
  • High Meeting Conversion Rates: With LeadGenius, Snowflake achieved a meeting conversion rate of 35-40%, tripling the number from traditional outbound motions.
  • Effective Event Registrations: LeadGenius was instrumental in generating registrations for the Data Cloud World Tour, where other tools had not been effective.
Chris Marshall

Christopher Marshall emphasized, "LeadGenius was used to generate registrations for the Data Cloud World Tour when other tools were not effective. On the ABM side of things, our meeting conversion with LeadGenius is roughly 35-40%, so we are 3x the number off a traditional outbound motion."


The partnership between Snowflake and LeadGenius demonstrates the transformative potential of combining advanced technology with human insight in data enrichment and lead generation strategies. By choosing LeadGenius, Snowflake not only enhanced its contact and account coverage but also realized a significant improvement in its lead to opportunity conversion rate and overall revenue results. This case study underscores the fact that when it comes to conference data and global contacts, LeadGenius stands unmatched, providing Snowflake with a strategic advantage in the competitive cloud data warehousing landscape.