Account Monitoring for Better Pipeline Creation

Learn how LeadGenius helped a Major Commercial Bank harness Account Insights to double booking rates while decreasing deliquencies by 35%


  • Lacked ability to segment target account with meaningful insights and predictive information (ex. new locations, product launches, .)
  • Needed to Complement Existing Risk Models to identify delinquency risks
  • Existing GTM teams wanted a scalable way to predict which accounts had greater credit needs on an ongoing basis


  • Leveraging Account Monitoring to track 40M+ orgs globally and identify 14 Signals as evidence of potential credit needs
  • Monthly feed of new evidence and account insights provide guidance on which accounts in each territory are primed for growth and financing
  • Signals Include:
    • New Offices
    • Funding Events
    • Product Launches
    • Strategic Hires
    • Bad Press
    • Supply Chain


  • Accounts displaying growth insights outperformed accounts lacking growth insights 2 to 1
  • 5x Booking rate in accounts that displayed 4 or more signals over last six months
  • Significant decrease in delinquency rates on account where insights we present compared to baseline group