Re-activate & Operationalize Data

The Challenge

DoorDash was in a data conundrum – lots of unusable and unreliable data within their CRM, but they knew it still contained a certain subset of valuable, usable data and even some hidden gems yet to be uncovered. Their CRM had approximately 250,000 directly sourced, but unverified and incomplete company records that weren’t being utilized by sales and marketing teams due to lack of confidence. Doordash knew they had a huge growth opportunity within the 850 North American cities they were already serving (and eventually expand beyond those cities), but without enriching their prospective accounts with valid contacts and emails, they could not increase their sales and marketing efforts.

The Solution

LeadGenius and DoorDash set a goal of delivering 60,000 top tier accounts with contacts (either net new or enrich existing) that the sales and marketing team could target to meet their revenue goals. Additionally every quarter, LeadGenius takes a portion of the existing database and apply LGs hygiene tools to dedupe, update and remove/replace contacts. LeadGenius achieved this by assigning a Customer Service Lead, Project Management and Researcher team who intimately knows this account and work closely with the DoorDash team to make sure their efforts are focused on the most useful and actionable portion of their CRM. LeadGenius’ ongoing data service partnership is what ultimately has made this engagement so successful and impactful for DoorDash.

The Results

LeadGenius suggested first tackling DoorDash’s most developed geographic territory and analyzed their existing system of record against LeadGenius’ global data lake to reveal both the unusable and duplicate records, as well as confirm recency. Comparing the same data points, LeadGenius’ enrichment rate was 73.2% as compared to DoorDash’s historic outsourced enrichment rate of 59%. Possibly more valuable, LeadGenius identified an additional 10% of viable restaurants of which DoorDash was unaware within this territory. Based on the results, DoorDash rolled out the program with 35,000 additional restaurants within the 850 North American cities they are currently serving fitting their ideal customer profile. Equally important were the significant internal cost savings by eliminating unusable records consuming costly marketing and sales resources. Significant improvement and efficiencies for territory assignments and forecasting were realized as well.