TAM Analysis, Account Prioritization, Sales Efficiency

Learn how Flow by LeadGenius helped PayPal understand their whitespace Total Addressable Market in LATAM, then prioritize which merchants to target first using unique data points only Flow by LeadGenius could deliver.


  • Difficulty identifying decision makers and complete buying center for mid-market and smaller online merchants
  • Needed to prioritize merchants by revenue potential so sales could focus on highests vale targets first instead of wasting time on lower value merchants.


  • Flow by LeadGenius combined technology and data teams based in LATAM to conduct a TAM analysis across target regions
  • Flow by LeadGenius prioritized target merchants by triangulating revenue potential by sourcing custom data points including total inventory, cross-border website traffic, ecommerce platform and payment processor
  • Flow by LeadGenius sourced decision makers and buying centers with complete email, phone, social media and individual location details for complete sales coverage


  • With new merchants identified and prioritized, and buying centers and decision makers enriched, sales’ efforts were 100% focused
  • Within the first 90 days, 3 opportunities were created representing over $3M in processing volume to PayPal