Custom Lead Generation

About Sherpa Software

Sherpa Software provides award-winning information management software specifically designed to address eDiscovery and Information Governance requirements. Sherpa’s solutions have been installed at over 3,500 worldwide organizations. Its products offer reasonable prices, easy-to-use interfaces and flexible architectures that streamline administrative processes without requiring any additional hardware or add-on components.

Top-Of-The-Funnel Leads For A New Vertical

Sherpa Software came to LeadGenius with a stable of mature products and a reliable stream of inbound leads.

To expand their revenue streams, Sherpa Software developed new products targeted at new and untested audiences. To fill the top of their funnel, Sherpa needed to reach outside their existing pipeline.

LeadGenius developed a custom lead generation program for Sherpa Software that allowed them to execute on a lead generation concept that was impractical to perform in-house.

First, LeadGenius researchers monitored current news articles from hundreds of publications to identify companies and organizations involved in various stages of litigation. LeadGenius would then check to make sure the companies involved matched Sherpa Software’s stipulated criteria. Next, LeadGenius identified accurate contact information for multiple decision makers at the organization along with additional firmographic data points. This information was then used by Sherpa Software in an email outreach campaign. As the new ideal customer profiles came into focus, and insights and trends surfaced, LeadGenius refined and iterated on Sherpa Software’s lead generation criteria.

High quality lead generation at the top-of-the-funnel results in greater efficiency all the way through the buying cycle. With large average deal sizes and long lead-to-close cycles, quality lead generation has become invaluable for long term success.